Star Trek The Next Generation: Terra Incognita

Guestwriter: John Enfield


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Variant and Best Cover of Star Trek The Next Generation Terra Incognita #1 © IDW Comics

Variant and Best Cover of Star Trek The Next Generation Terra Incognita #1 © IDW Comics

It’s almost hard to believe that it’s already been thirty one years since ‘Star Trek’ made its triumphant return to TV, blowing my fourteen-year old mind with a movie quality production that was lightyears above the original series, superb acting and fascinating stories.  The crew of the Enterprise-D has also been exploring both inner and outer space in the pages of comic books for about 30 years.  This latest series from IDW looks like it may continue the legacy quite well.

Fans of the show will be thrilled to see that Tony Shasteen and J.D. Mettler have chosen a photo realistic style that captures the look of the series with great detail.  Especially impressive is the way in which the characters are drawn so that nuances of their actors’ performances are rendered almost perfectly. This is particularly true in this story in the case of Mr. Barclay.  They managed to capture not only Dwight Shultz’s likeness, but the ways in which he made the character so interesting, funny and sometimes touching.  It’s got everything the show had except the sound track.

Not that this comic book is the perfect one for everyone.  If you are looking for a story that takes you where Star Trek has never gone before, this isn’t it.  The Tiptons have rather created an expansion, a more in-depth look at one of the franchise’s recurring stories: the alternate or mirror universe.  We’ve seen our intrepid crew face darker, more twisted versions of themselves before on the TV shows.  This story explores what might happen if a doppelganger decided not to flee back to his home dimension with his tail tucked between his legs, but rather stayed to try to permanently replace a member of the crew.  Will Barclay’s Mirror Universe ‘evil twin’ succeed, or will the rarely brave ‘real’ Barclay stop him?  If he does win out in the end, will he change to become more like his evil twin in the process?  Stay tuned, fellow Trekkers!

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  1. Christopher Bishop
    Christopher Bishop

    I must admit, I often watched the original Star Trek with my parents. By
    the time Next Generation came on TV, I was a junior in High School and
    much more concerned with the fairer sex and D&D games then Star
    Trek. I did see an episode here or there but by the time they hit their
    3rd season I was in the military. I would not come back to TNG until
    much later (2015 and netflix I believe)

    I had no idea what I had
    missed. Sadly, that probably means I never got proper reverence for the
    story arcs or the special effects because by that point the show did
    look dated. That did not stop me from enjoying it, But I kind of wish I
    could have watched them in the moment because I am sure I would have
    been blown away.

    Your review makes me interested in following this arc of TNG. Maybe in a different media I can get a proper feel for it.
    Thanks John

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