Image/Top Cow’s Getting The Band Back Together With CyberForce #1!

Guest Writer: Stonie Williams
Created by: Marc Silvestri
Written by: Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill
Art by: Atilio Rojo
Lettering by: Troy Peteri

This article is due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.

“I remember, it was a good day. Until it wasn’t.”

I’ve been a CyberForce fan for a long time. Every incarnation and reboot has been a favorite of mine. Marc Silvestri just has a way of creating characters that, no matter who else writes them or where they go, they keep their core characterization. And what they are, at their core, resonates in a way that no matter what else changes around them, they continue to be these vibrant, larger than life people. Their pain is relatable, even when their situations are fantastical.

CyberForce #1 cover ©Image/Top Cow

CyberForce #1 cover ©Image/Top Cow

Now, it’s not a surprise to anyone who has been reading my reviews, I’m a huge fan of Matt Hawkins. So for him, along with Bryan Hill (Postal, Romulus, Bonehead), to take on CyberForce was an exciting idea for me.

The story jumps right into things. And when you start a book like CyberForce with a new #1, you really need to jump right in. The vast majority of people who will pick up this book know who these characters are, at least a little. It’s like a new Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman movie. We don’t need another origin story. It’s easy enough to catch things up as you go.

That’s not to say we get no backstory at all. The story starts off with a terrorist attack. The current focus of the story, Morgan, gets his new cybernetic upgrades. His wheel-hair bound daughter, Caring, signs off on it. But she asks for a different kind of compensation other than the money they offer her for allowing them to experiment with her father.

Atilio Rojo’s art is a familiar and welcome sight with Top Cow books. We’ve seen his work on books like Samaritan and Postal, as well as IX Generation. His expressive characters bring the pain and anguish they feel to the forefront. It makes you feel for these people. The lettering by Troy Peteri is a subtle boost to the storytelling. It made things fun to read, I enjoy seeing the text reflect the characters as much as the rest of the art does.

This book has some solid violence and blood. I expected more on the way. The subject matter is pretty heavy. The book features shadowy government-funded labs and terrorist attacks. I wouldn’t suggest this book for a younger audience. Teenage and older should love a book like this. Solid near-future sci-fi with familiar, dynamic characters. This book is an exciting, action-packed first issue that promises a lot of fun for the future. In Matt Hawkins’ hands, this story has a lot of potential to explore the more factual science part of some of the cybernetic enhancements we’re familiar with from CyberForce. Like issue one is a little late to say for sure, this book could end up as a cross between Altered Carbon and Punisher. I make that comparison for my fellow Netflix junkies. So pick up this book, pre-order issue two, and until next time, happy reading!

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