Ironclad League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Ironclad Miniatures League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Ironclad Miniatures L.o.E.G. Miniature Line is AMAZING!


Get Ready For Victorian-era Tabletop Action

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I am rewriting this nine months removed after a catastrophic computer failure that fragmented one hard drive into 8 separate formatted drives. This turned much content for the Multiverse blog into vaporware. That includes an interview with Rick Loomis, one with Ed Greenwood himself, and several miniature reviews. I apologize to the team here at Multiverse. I also apologize to the companies that awaited my reviews. Between the loss of the computer and life issues, things were delayed. Now, on with the review…

Ironclad Miniatures in the United Kingdom are mainly known as a historical miniature company for the wargaming community. By far, the biggest collection of miniatures on their website is the 28mm Victorian Sci-Fi & Steampunk line. Hidden inside this gem of a collection are Victorian characters from actual historical and fiction set in the era.

I was fortunate enough to receive 7 miniatures from this line, all from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The 7 are Mina Harker, Quartermain, Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, and Ironcladman. These are HIGHLY detailed pewter, with a nice light weight to them.

Reaction to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Upon reception, these screamed “Paint Me!” when I opened the box. As someone who just started painting again last year after 25 years, I was a little intimidated by the detail. I do not remember the miniatures I painted in the late 1980s, early 1990s being this detailed. Just take a look at this primed Ironcladman.


The detail on the Ironcladman from Ironclad Miniatures is amazing.

This line is definitely for showing off your skills as a painter. I’ve actually not painted a few just to get back in the groove when it comes to painting. The detail is amazing though, and at a cost of 3 GBP ($4.02 USD as of 5/24/18) each, a price that is comparable (and sometimes beats) to Reaper’s Chronoscope line. In addition, you have the advantage of being able to involve the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen into a campaign for your players. Personally, I’m holding out hope for a Jack the Ripper or H. H. Holmes, maybe even someone that RESEMBLES the 13th Doctor. Until then, these will work great in my Call of Cthulhu game set in the era.

About Ironclad Miniatures Other Lines

The line of Victorian Era characters now numbers 39, with other sets of the era including steam tanks, British, French, and Prussian soldiers, Cephalopods, and Sanwar. The Sanwar seem to be inspired by the Tusken Raiders of Star Wars, denizens of the desert that raid settlements.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, partially finished. The detail still slightly intimdates me.

Excuse the work on the miniatures above. Mina Harker is the only one close to finished, with some touch-up required and a clear coat needed. However, even the scaling is right on these, as Mr. Hyde is MUCH larger than Dr. Jekyll. I cannot wait to finish painting these miniatures, as they will look amazing on my table.

Terrain Masters

Along with these miniatures, Ironclad also makes quite a bit of terrain. Most of their products are military positions for wargaming, such as trenches and such. In the 28mm line however, there is also a sweet looking French-Indian war set. This can be bought as a set or as individual pieces. I may purchase the pieces to build a replica of Fort Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City, MI, which is still standing today.

Fort Michilimackinac

Fort Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City, Michigan. You can build this in 28mm scale from Ironclad.

All in all, the research, design, and detail that Ironclad puts into their miniatures is outstanding. I highly recommend their work for anyone who does classic wargaming with historical references. These would also work for anyone playing Call of Cthulhu, Masque of the Red Death, or other victorian or steampunk RPGs. These miniatures are not for the faint of heart though. The detail is so exquisite, it may take hours, if not days, to get one figure just right.

Ironclad Miniatures can be found online at their site at . They are also on Facebook at

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