Teri Literco and the Health Benefits of Miniature Wargaming

Teri Literco’s vlogs on miniature wargaming and painting minis have been a boon to those who are just beginning in the hobby or have been interested but haven’t yet taken those first few steps.

In a recent new video, Teri talks about the mental health benefits of miniature wargaming. A departure from her usual tutorials, it’s an important subject which not only provides some information on where to get help in the case of suicidal thoughts, but it’s message of hope in the form of how the hobby is positive is a much needed one. Unlike the rule of the internet not to read the comments, the comments to this video are very uplifting and positive.

Be sure to check out her other videos, even if you aren’t a newbie, her Shelf of Shame video should make you laugh and feel less guilty about your own backlog of painting projects.

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