There’s No Rest for the Weary in Top Cow’s Warframe #3

Guestwriter: Greg Jude
Writers- Matt Hawkins and Ryan Cady
Art- Studio Hive
Letters- Troy Peteri
Cover- Kevin Glint
This article made possible with the gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.

Warframe #3 cover © Top Cow

Warframe #3 cover © Top Cow

In the comics industry, there two kinds of writers: the ones who merely write, and the ones who love to write.
Matt Hawkins is the latter. Matt strives to tell a good story and spends a lot of time reading, researching, and honing his craft. The man has it down to a science. Matt and his crew reach new heights with each book they put out, and Warframe #3 continues that standard of excellence.

In this volume, we join Mitsuke who is leading Lotus and her Tenno toward the Void Gate as they struggle to regain the lost Excalibur. Thinking they’ve got Captain Vor and his Grineer beaten back, they speculate Orokin technology awaits at the other side of the Gate; they must keep what lies beyond the portal out of Grineer hands or there could be dire consequences. But is putting off the retrieval of Excalibur and heading for the Gate a good idea? Captain Vor is a strategic master, and our heroes might be playing right into his hands.

Matt and Ryan weave an interesting tale. Each panel reads very well, the dialog flows along and doesn’t get hung up with clunky wording or unnecessary exposition. It has a natural feel; you can read it out loud and it doesn’t sound absurd, showing how much effort they put into the writing.

Studio Hive’s art is also top notch here. Each panel drips with atmosphere; from the wide open spaces to the caves hiding the Void Gate, you can feel the expansive open areas draw in to the tightly enclosed rocky passages. Colors are moody and foreboding, lending the art an ethereal, other-worldly feel that ties in nicely to the story. The book is one long work of art.

Troy Peteri’s lettering is well done, and the cover by Kevin Glint is superb.

Top Cow puts a lot of effort into giving readers a well written and illustrated book, and that hard work is evident in Warframe #3.

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