Aspen Universe: Decimation #4

Guestwriter: J. E. Feldman
Writer- Vince Hernandez
Art- Marco Renna
This article is possible due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.
The final battle for supremacy takes place on multiple fronts as the Death Princess’ army confronts the heroic forces aligned against her, with the entire fate of the Aspen Universe hanging in the balance!
Aspen Universe Decimation #4 cover art

Aspen Universe Decimation #4 cover art © Aspen Comics

Where do I begin? The color scheme and style of the artwork is what immediately drew me in to read this comic. Upon throwing in superheroes and powerful villains, I was hooked. All of the scenes are easy to follow, including the fighting scenes, which is a feat in itself. This issue was action-packed from start to finish! With the beautiful artwork, bright colors, and excellent script, it didn’t disappoint and delivers everything expected after the build up from the previous issues.

The story itself finally led to the epic battle with the Death Princess, but with so many mind-controlled on her side, it looked like little hope for the protagonists. I expected the conversation to be heavier and more serious than it was during these events, especially after it was built up to be the death of everyone if they were unsuccessful. While they threw the expected banter around, it felt as though it was lacking. As if it was amusing to be there fighting the Death Princess and it couldn’t spell out death for them all. It felt a bit awkward and strange.
Almost all of the emotions are covered in this comic – from insecurity to humor. It was refreshing from the traditional feeling of superheroes having the heavy burden of always trying to save the world and being stressed or gloomy about it. These characters had more personality and sustenance than that. I also enjoyed how the outfits were reminiscent of the traditional superhero concept – not truly functional in combat scenarios, but I feel that each outfit successfully reflected each character’s personality.
This comic series has certainly lived up to all of the hype and there are many similar crossover issues in the works. I most look forward to seeing Hank again. He made this issue well-rounded with his snarky personality. It was a nice pause in the action when he took the time to give a pep talk in order to bring the odds back into their favor.
Between the amazing artwork, great characters, and exciting story line, I would highly recommend this comic.
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