Bunny Kingdom, Fun Game, Beautiful Box Design

This article was possible due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY, and rolling natural 20s.

Box with pieces organized

Look at the organization built in!

The concept of Bunny Kingdom is enough to know if you want to play it or not. A game where bunnies expand their lands, build cities and extract the resources in order to expand again? Plus, there are golden carrots. The pun concerning the latter is worth playing the game alone. The game is fun. It’s quicker than Settlers of Catan and is easily a good introduction game for kids or anyone moving into the world of board games beyond Clue and Monopoly.

Yet as someone with a lot of board games, the thing I want to gush about is the game box itself. Many games are designed to be presented as an attractive package to be purchased. After the box is opened and all the pieces played with, it’s up to the purchaser to organize any pieces it came with. Not so for Bunny Kingdom. If only other games put so much fore thought into their box design! Not only is the box divided into sections for easy organization of all the little pieces this game comes with, they include sealable plastic bags. Usually, I’d be bringing out the snack-sized Ziploc bags for a game, but they’ve already included that for you. Even the large bubble wrap bag that the castle and towns come in seems to be re-sealable and doesn’t require destruction in order to play with the pieces. If only every game box came designed this way. This alone increases the replayability of the game.

Bunny Kingdom plays quickly and unpredictably. Unlike the base game of Settlers of Catan, the game seems to change in an instant rather than having a clear winner early on. The speed of the Bunny Kingdom is part of that reason. It truly does play in 40-60 minutes as the box claims, even if it’s the first run through. The tiny bunny pieces are cute and give the game just that little bit of extra whimsy. If there was one thing that would make this game perfect, it would be if there was a faction of white bunnies, just to fuel the Rabbit of Caerbannog jokes.

Bunny Kingdom box cover © Iello Games

Bunny Kingdom box cover © Iello Games

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