Top Cow Comic’s God Complex: Dogma issue 3

Guest Writer: Heidi Berthiaume

Writer-Paul Jenkins
Artist- Hendry Prasetya
Colors-Jessica Kholinne

The third issue of the God Complex: Dogma comic picks up where issue #2 left off – with digital-forensics investigator Seneca having a …. discussion … with the members of the Coup, humans fighting the authority of the Rulers.

God Complex: Dogma #3 cover art © Top Cow Comics

God Complex: Dogma #3 cover art © Top Cow Comics

Seneca is ready to arrest the lot of them for the murder of his partner, but they share information about what Rodgers was truly investigating, including a possible plot by the Rulers to control the citizen of Delphi city with psycho-metrics. The Coup members leave peacefully, with the reminder that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

Walking by the Trinity Church where he spent his youth before losing his faith, the inner voice speaks to Seneca. While previously vague, this time the voice directly addresses the rebel’s information about what the Rulers’ may be planning.

Later, Hermes, a Ruler who has taken a specific interest in Seneca and his investigation of three ritually murdered Trinity acolytes, wants to know what Seneca learned from his visit to the Fates. Seneca didn’t find them helpful at all, though Hermes says their words will be understandable in time.

Then Hermes moves on to share information about Alvar, a man the Rulers have been monitoring, who may have been involved in the murders and the attack on the Rulers virtual domain, the Stream. Hermes sends Seneca off to find Alvar with the warning that Seneca’s loyalty to the Rulers is paramount.

Seneca finally enters the church to talk with someone he grew up with, Prior William. Uneasy at the line of questioning, Prior William does say there is movement and expectation at the highest levels of the church of a coming event, “something big.” When Seneca pushes for details, Prior William tells him to leave.

On his way home, the inner voice drones on at Seneca – about the city, the hopelessness of the people, the lack of progress of the investigation, “the sum total of nothing.”

Suddenly attacked on the train, Seneca manages to take care of the two thugs before realizing what the real danger truly is.

Several key pieces of information relevant to the bigger picture are revealed in this issue. Like previous issues, there is a cliff-hanger, though this one fell flat for me, unlike the other two which made me excited for the next issue.

God Complex: Dogma is created by Bryan Lie and written by Paul Jenkins. Art is by Hendry Prasetya with colors by Jessica Kholinne. Prasetya also does the cover – this issue feature Athena, though she does not make an appearance in the story. There is a one page character sheet for her at the end of the issue.

The world of God Complex had been developed prior to these comics. Find out more on the God Complex website ( and Facebook page (

Heidi Berthiaume
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