Doctor Who Comics’ A Confusion of Angels

Guest Writer: Tim Myers

This was made possible by a gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.

The team at Titan Comics put together another “grand slam” with this tale of the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole. They bring in quite the team for this one, including Richard Dinnick, Francesco Manna, and Hi Fi. Once again, as we flip through the pages we’re made to feel as though we are watching another great episode on the BBC, the Doctor his usual snarky self, Bill her normal fearless attitude, and Nardole as serious as ever (total buzzkill).

Doctor Who Issue 3.10 Cover A © Titan Comics

Doctor Who Issue 3.10 Cover A © Titan Comics

Our story begins with the usual arrival of the TARDIS, but this time on an apparently abandoned freighter in space. Since there is no one readily available to stop him, the Doctor does what he always does and begins to investigate. Maybe he should have chosen the name of The Snoop instead of The Doctor since sticking his nose in everywhere seems to be his norm. Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but enough about me. After a bit of admonishment from Nardole about scanning for distress signals, the Doctor begins his investigation. Bill is eager, and Nardole is timid as ever and the group hears a scream.

A familiar face appears on a screen; it’s Max Capricorn from Ten’s Christmas special (sparkling teeth and all). The Doctor laments his last encounter with him and gives a quick breakdown of their last run in. Psychotic robot hosts and a power-hungry leader were the highlights of that encounter.

Cut to the crew enjoying a birthday celebration and they are not in as dire of a predicament as our Time Lord presumed. They may be in some serious trouble soon because as we know trouble follows the Doctor like a mouse seeks out cheese (or maybe it’s the other way around?).

As the Doctor explores the ship, feelings of dread arise. Among the crew, those same feelings are beginning to appear. The crew decides to search for their missing technician (unaware of a Time Lord and his companions aboard the ship). It must have been a very lonely voyage aboard a container ship with only a handful of crew members. Little do they know the trouble that will arise in their near future, as (once again) trouble follows the Doctor.

This graphic bears all of the hallmarks of a good episode Of Doctor Who. The artwork is as magnificent as any in Titan’s considerable history. A must read for Whovians everywhere: a solid five out of five.

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