Now, for Maestros’ next trick… Maestros #3

Guest Writer: Stonie Williams

Writer & Artist – Steve Skroce
Colorist – Dave Stewart
Lettering & Design – Fonografiks

This article made possible with the gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.

Warning! Minor spoilers ahead!

Panel from Maestros #3 © 2017 Image Comics

Panel from Maestros #3 © 2017 Image Comics

“I’m sorry, did it sound like I was asking?”

Will was the son of the High Wizard and a woman from Earth. His father was Maestro, Ruler of the Realms and the city of Zaizon. Will, who was born on earth, found himself banished. Now an adult, Will’s mother brings him back to the realms after the murder of his father’s family . His returns to The Realm back to take his place as sole heir. But change isn’t easy and upsetting status quo is bound to make enemies. Can Will bring change to The Realms or will the murderers of his family finish what they started?

We finished issue #2 with Wren reuniting with the love from his past, Wren. After showing Wren his plans for The Realms and the location of The Book of Remaking, Wren knocks Will unconscious and steals the book.

Issue 3 opens in a completely different direction than I was expecting. I figured we’d find that Wren had ulterior motives all along. Instead, we discover Wren was actually mind-controlled by her former master, Rygol. You remember him from the last review, right?

This book pulls at your heartstrings in the most unexpected ways and it’s brilliant. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun reading a comic. I come in prepared to hate Wren’s guts. When the book opens with her death, having tried to resist Rygos and failed, it floored me. She was actually that sweet girl from before, and now a tragic pawn. And Will’s flashback when he finds out she’s dead drives it home. Will goes above and beyond to try and bring Wren back. Even if it means overextending the resources of his city and gives his enemies the perfect chance to attack.

I can’t say enough good things about Skroce’s story and artwork. He ranks right up there with Stjepan Sejic for me, and that’s not a compliment I give on a whim. There’s never a dull moment and he always leaves you wanting a little more. This is comic book crack, folks, and Steve Skroce is my dealer.

Maestros issue 3 cover © 2017

Maestros issue 3 cover © 2017 Image Comics

Dave Stewart’s colors bring a life to this book that is out of this world. It feels like a marriage between Labyrinth or Dark Crystal and Reservoir Dogs. High fantasy and raw, visceral, thrills that, combined, edge on horror. This is like Big Trouble In Little China on steroids. This is Army of Darkness turned up to 11.

Again, not appropriate for younger children. The first issue was the strongest in regards to things that weren’t okay for kids. There’s still lots of adult-orientated material in the later books that I’d likely not even my 13-year-old read. But that’s one of the many things I love about comics! It’s a medium, not a genre. Not everything has to for kids. But I digress. This book is highly recommended for any foul-mouthed, fantasy-loving geek who enjoys a side of gross with their magic. Until next time, happy reading!

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