Dynamite Comics’ Sheena Queen of the Jungle #4

Guest Writer: Stonie Williams

Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Christine Trujillo

A corporation intent on tearing up the jungle around Sheena’s village issues an ultimatum. A surveyor from Cadwell Industries has gone missing. Mercenaries working for Cadwell believe the village had something to do with it. Sheena has 24 hours to find the surveyor and bring him back, or the mercs will take out the village. Sheena runs into photojournalist Chano, who ventures into a forbidden temple. With Chano’s help, the jungle queen searches for the lost surveyor through traps and hidden dangers. Every turn brings new questions, and time isn’t on their side.

We ended Issue 3 with Sheena and Chano stumbling onto the shriveled corpse of the Cadwell surveyor. Immediately after discovering the body, grotesque creatures ambush Sheena and Chano. These creatures vaguely resemble Sheena, Chano, and the surveyor. Sheena calls them Face Stealers.

 Sheena #4 cover © Dynamite Comics

Sheena #4 cover © Dynamite Comics

This issue goes from eerie jungle adventure that requires some suspension of belief, straight into the realm of fantasy. These Face Stealers are somewhere between zombies and doppelgangers. Sheena helps Chano escape the temple unharmed with a pretty ingenious plan. Proving once again she’s more than a pretty face.

But her ideas don’t stop there. Sheena wants to convince the Cadwell mercenaries of the danger they’re all in. Cadwell’s development of the jungle has released the Face Stealers beyond the temple that holds them.

Convincing hardcore mercs of zombie-doppelgangers won’t be an easy task. Getting her village and the merc working together might be even tougher. Can Sheena and Chano get everyone moving in the same direction before the loss of more lives? Will the mercs care enough to help?

The head merc is a villain you love to hate. He’s getting paid to do a job. If he gets to have fun and hurt some folk along the way, all the better. I can’t find a redeeming quality in the guy. But do we need one? If they do join forces, I expect him to double cross the Queen of the Jungle the first chance he gets.

I get the feeling Sheena has an ace up her sleeve that they’ve only little more than hinted at, so far. She’s not stupid, and she’ll be ready for a back-stab from the mercs. I’m interested to see where this story goes beyond the 5th issue. Things could wrap up in a nice bow, or explode into chaos for a bigger adventure.

Issue 4 gives us action and drama that ups the stakes at every turn. The next issue is sure to bring things to a head, for good or ill. Outside of our scantily-clad titular hero, I’d recommend this book for almost about anybody. The lack of clothing might be a bit much for younger readers. Until next time, happy reading!

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