No. 1 With a Bullet – Issue #2

-This article was possible due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY, and rolling natural 20s.

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Guest Writer: Katherine Cooper Butland

I’m back again with a review of No. 1 With a Bullet, issue 2. After reading the first issue, I was hooked, and knew this was a story I’d want to follow. And here we are!

Issue two picks right up where the first issue left off. Our plucky protagonist, Nash Huang, has been exposed in every sense of the world, and not with her consent. She is now forced to navigate a situation that is both huge and completely new to her. In addition, it seems that most of her allies—including her beloved girlfriend Violet—have turned their backs on her in one way or another. Feeling alone, heartbroken, betrayed, ashamed, and likely a whole slew of other emotions, Nash tucks herself away in an attempt to cope with everything she’s feeling.

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This comic doesn’t pull any punches with regard to the severity of what has happened to Nash—the subject matter is taken very seriously. Every aspect of Nash’s life is affected by the sex tape that was both leaked without her consent, and filmed without her consent, by use of the retinal cameras mentioned in the former issue. Any reader with an iota of moral fiber will find themselves feeling deeply sorry for her, as this isn’t played for laughs. Far from it—anyone in the comic who does laugh is made to look morally repugnant. The objectification that Nash suffers is blatant and, if a bit exaggerated, effective.

This comic’s subject matter is undeniably real. While issue two was heavier than the first one, it addresses many angles of this multi-faceted issue—one that often doesn’t take into account the feelings of the victim. Nash’s story is an important one for this age—a cautionary tale, but not in the way you might think.

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No. 1 With a Bullet warns against the dangers of taking technology too far, and the repercussions on even those who do their utmost to avoid—the dangers of having cameras everywhere, and always being able to access them. The dangers of non-consensual filming and sharing, and ready accessibility to what is filmed. Summarily: the dangers caused by tools falling into the wrong hands.

There are some, as yet, untapped portions of the story that I’m sure we’ll see as it progresses. No. 1 With a Bullet has a few layers of mystery left to be unraveled, and surely, things can only get more interesting.

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