Kingsman: The Red Diamond

-This article was possible due to the gift of a review copy, QWERTY, and rolling natural 20s.

©Image Comics

Guest Writer: Dave Johnson

Kingsman: The Red Diamond
Number3 of 6
Story – Rob Williams
Art – Simon Fraser
Cover / Variant Cover – Sanford Greene

She’s going down! And not in a sexy way!

Kingsman: The Red Diamond is a 32-page comic book available in print and PDF format. I prefer the print version, myself. This story is written by Rob Williams, art by Simon Fraser, and the series is published by Image Comics, Inc. The story is based on the creation of Mark Miller, Dave Gibbons, and Matthew Vaughn. This particular story is part of a series and is number three of six issues; the gentle reader may know that a major motion picture has been released with a squeal soon to be in theaters. I did see the movie Kingsman, The Secret Service. I liked the movie a lot too. I was excited to read the issue because of the movie.

©Image Comics

I want to talk about the art. The sequential art is fantastic. Just what I expect from Image Comics. The writing is great too. Eggsy returns to the Kingsman world as an agent and has his job cut out for him. A madman, is there any other type, is threatening the world and Eggsy must stop him! A woman named Kwaito joins in the race to save humanity. She is a dark beauty with skills to match any man.

I loved reading issue number six. Each page is vividly drawn and colored and it left me wanting more Kingsman action! I know I’m going to buy the remaining issues of this series. I recommend this series especially if you are a fan of the Kingsman Tailors. Image Comics, Inc. does a fantastic job and nothing but outstanding comics are published.  I give this series and Image Comics a 10 out of 10!

If you are not familiar with British slang, I would suggest keeping a dictionary at close hand. I had to look up “bollocks”.  This word is funny and was used to properly describe the room full of male agents at the tailor shop in London.

By the way, I purchased the first comic in this series from Image Comics shop! So go get some for yourself!

Issue #1 is $1.99 digital and $3.99 print. Awesome! All other issues are $3.99 for print or digital.

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