Dynamite’s Killer Instinct 2 is Explosive Stuff!

Guest Writer: Bryan Parke

Writer: Ian Edginton
Art: Cam Adams

Picking up a new comic title part way through a series can be a challenge, particularly when you are unfamiliar with the characters and their setting. This really wasn’t an issue at all when I opened up my review copy of Dynamite’s Killer Instinct 2.

Killer Instinct #2 Cover C © Dynamite Comics

Killer Instinct #2 Cover C © Dynamite Comics

We open to a familiar scene; the Vampire Tsar in his medieval lair, but this is soon juxtaposed with his high-tech command centre as he enacts the Vampire Coven’s centuries in the making scheme.

We move on to a high pace action scenario as Aria the Artificial Intelligence is attacked by her former prisoners, the alien Glacius and his ally the enhanced archer Tipyelehne, having been passed information by the Tsar. And to make matters worse, Aria is betrayed by the pun-tastic pyromaniac Cinder!

The Tsar’s attacks on his enemies continue as he sends his Wendigo and Vampire assassins after Jago, the Guardian Spirit Host. The former warrior must again take up arms to defend himself from the supernatural assassins.

Killer Instinct 2 sets the scene for new readers incredibly well; we are introduced to all the key factions through a number of set action pieces, all of which fit the ongoing story line. I’m particularly intrigued by the different genres presented in the story; traditional Vampires interacting with ultra-tech robots, aliens, more traditional super hero archetypes and spirit powered Kung Fu warriors.

These different genres are well represented by the art; the clean lines and geometric shapes of Ultratech jar nicely against the more organic panels of the Tsar and the scenes with Jago. I like the Wendigos; suitably bizarre, decaying, almost zombie-like Stag Men. And as a gamer, I will be using these as inspiration for monstrous creatures in a fantasy RPG or two.

This comic has served as an excellent introduction to Dynamite Comics; I’ve enjoyed the Killer Instinct 2 story presented in this issue and fully intend to read more. If you like your action so fast and furious it blurs the genres then this is the title for you!

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