World of Tank Girl #1 Tank Girl Strikes Again

Guest Writer: David Stegora

This article was made possible by the gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.

I recently got to take a look at the first issue of the new  comic from Titan Comics, called The World of Tank Girl, which is to be a series of stand alone Tank Girl stories and I’ve heard is intended to be welcoming to readers new to the title. Despite the anthology nature of this series, the first issue carries the subtitle of Tank Girl Strikes Again. The World of Tank Girl is written by co-creator Alan Martin. The drawing and lettering is done by Brett Parson. No colorist is credited in this issue.

Cover art of Wonderful World of Tank Girl © Titan Comics

Cover art of Wonderful World of Tank Girl © Titan Comics

For the many of you who have seen the 1995 film, directed by Rachel Talalay and staring Lori Petty, but never read any of the comics, you’ll still have a general idea of what to expect going in and that idea won’t be far off. Tank Girl is always a wild, punk-inspired adventure.

My first impression was how nice and smooth the art looks. Some readers may be aware that has not always been the case with this franchise. Following that, was how apparent it was this series is intended to be newbie-friendly. Right on the first page, all characters present are named and introduced.

The story begins with the gang, consisting of the titular character, Jet Girl, Sub Girl, and Booga, in an unpleasant place called Port Peachy. They’re there to meet an old friend of Booga’s, named Bartholomew Anchor, who was just released from 10 years in prison. It doesn’t take long before Anchor presents them with a potential job: Ripping off one of Australia’s greatest rip off artists, Ronnie Dosmond. The gang accepts the job since Dosmond was an enemy of Tank Girl’s in high school.

They assault Dosmond’s home on the beach with surf boards and machine guns but everything goes south and Tank Girl is captured. The uses a prize from a breakfast cereal to locate Tank Girl, who is now being held at Dosmond Tower. An action-packed rescue ensues and results in Dosmond Tower being collapsed in a lake of sewage. There’s a bit of a twist at the conclusion and everything wraps up nicely.

Overall, this issue is fun, NSFW, and loaded with action. In other words, it’s very Tank Girl. I also consider it a plus that it’s a complete story in one issue and you don’t really need to know anything about the title going in. This would be a great read for someone already familiar with Tank Girl or someone just looking to check it out.

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