Hear That? Cthulhu Dice is Calling For You

Guest Writer: Dave Johnson

I’ve always been a big fan of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s works! You name it I love it. With that said; I was at Books-a-Million one day and spied the Cthulhu Dice game. Oh, I wanted it. I could feel a longing for the game; like Cthulhu was calling, compelling me to buy it. So I did. The price was great too. Just $6.95!


Cthulhu Dice © Steve Jackson Games

Cthulhu Dice © Steve Jackson Games

What you get with the game:

  • One big custom Cthulhu die.
  • 18 glass stones in a ziplock bag.
  • The rules page.

The games are fast-paced and fun. You can play with as little as two people, and special rules can be used for two players. Three or more players allows each person to have three glass rocks, and these rocks represent sanity. The role that each player represents is Cultists. Your goal is to drive the other Cultists mad before they do the same to you! Keep in mind that the Dread One wants to drive all of you mad too. So watch out!

The Game:

I played the game with my son Hunter. (I won, by-the-way! Hehehe) The game plays really quickly and we both liked it. I played two Cultists and Hunter played two also. The Tentacle and the Yellow Sign came up more often than the others. But Cthulhu arrived on scene to take our sanity twice! No Elder Signs were rolled. Bummer.

The game is worth the price. Just the Cthulhu die alone is worth it! If you have ever ordered a custom die, you know that it is expensive. The glass tokens work well, and they remind me of the ocean. That is where the Sleeping God resides.

On the webpage http://www.sjgames.com/dice/cthulhudice/  is a video of Steve playing the game along with other Cthulhu related games materials.

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