Dynamite’s Sheena Queen of the Jungle #3

Guest Writer: Stonie Williams

-This article was made possible by a gift of a review copy, QWERTY and rolling natural 20s.

Writers: Marguerite Bennett & Christina Trujillo
Art:  Moritat and Dimi Macheras
Color: Moritat and Casey Silver
Letters:  Thomas Napolitano

Sheena #3 cover © Dynamite Comics

Sheena #3 cover © Dynamite Comics

Caught in the grips of terrible Death Blossoms! Sheena must save the  young man Chano from the man-eating weeds before he’s consumed alive. Even then they’ll both have to make their way out of the temple alive. They seek a surveyor for the Cadwell Industries. Sheena must rescue the surveyor or Cadwell attacks Sheena’s village. They face monstrous plants and many temple traps. They always seem one step behind after every obstacle. Sheena and Chano make their way through the temple, but can they find the surveyor in time?

One part Tarzan, one part Indiana Jones, Sheena #3 comes off of as a fun adventure through a temple jungle. Moritat and Macheras’ art compliments the style of the story well. The choice to use more muted colors for most of the scenes within the temple was a good one. It sets a dark and dangerous mood. It also allows the glowing fires and supernatural-like elements to pop off the page. They feel alien, lending to the sense of mystery and danger that lurk on every page.

I’m a big fan of Marguerite Bennett‘s writing. Bennett and Christina Trujillo show Sheena as a capable and competent adventurer. The Queen is pulling the out-of-his-element Chano from the brink of certain doom at every turn. I’d love to see her mixing it up with other adventures of the genre. She could match equal wits with Indy, The Phantom, Tarzan, and the like.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of the surveyor is ever present. The clues they find throughout the temple leave you in suspense. The cliffhanger ending means I will definitely be grabbing issue #4. Sheena is still Sheena, Queen of the Jungle – scantily clad as ever. Due to some blood and a gruesome scene or two, I ‘d hesitate to hand this to a younger audience. All in all, this shows that the Queen of the Jungle has a lot more potential than the cheesecake art that permeates her history.

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