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ANGELIC #2 Image Comics

Spurrier and Wijngaard raise the stakes with Angelic #2 (Image Comics)

Spurrier and Wijngaard raise the stakes with Angelic #2 (Image Comics)

Written by Bill Coffin

Angelic is a speculative fiction tale set in a far-future where humanity has vanished. Our civilization lies in crumbling ruin, and tribes of genetically modified and cybernetic animals make war upon each other. Readers follow the tale of a young winged monkey named Qora as she runs away from home and starts to unravel the secrets of her world. Following up an ambitious first issue that establishes a rich and interesting world and sets the stakes for our likable heroine, Angelic #2 sells the series further as the story movies along into even more interesting territory.

Dangerously far from home, Qora encounters the Mans – a tribe of cybernetically enhanced manatees that are enemies of her people. But the artificial intelligence the Mans serve is broken, and the Mans need Qora’s help to find the missing component needed to bring the AI back to health. Skeptical of the Mans’ intentions and still guided by a lifetime of religious indoctrination, Qora has a hard time seeing these strange creatures as anything other than heretical foes. It is her higher self that gives it a chance, and it soon pays off. She and her Mans companion venture deep into an unexplored area of the ruins where readers begin to better understand the tragic past of this world (even if its current inhabitants do not.)

The issue of Angelic closes with Qora encountering yet another relic of this chimeric, mechanized world, in the form of a flying squid that patrols the upper skies and blasts anything that dares to fly too high. The more Qora explores her most dangerous world, the more she realizes that maybe there was a reason her fellow monkeys came up with all kinds of rules to stay home.

Angelic #2 features more of the wonderful art and story that makes Angelic #1 a must-buy, and one hopes that as this series develops, it will get the long run it so richly deserves. Comics like this do not come along often, and they warrant the support of discriminating readers everywhere.

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