Family Friendly Gaming With Burger Joint

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series reviewing family friendly and party friendly games.

Guest Writer:  Rob Johnson
Game Designer:  Joe Huber
Game Publisher:  Rio Grande Games
Age:  13+ (manufacturer’s recommendation)  7+ would be fine
Burger Joint is a game for 2+ players

Burger Joint box art

Burger Joint box art © Rio Grande Games

Hello again everyone! I must tell you about the game, Burger Joint, that McKinna (age 5) and I played today.

We love this 2-person game that takes about 30 minutes to play and it’s for ages 10 and up. Set up time and learning the rules only took about 15 minutes. I would say that kids of the age 7 and up would be just fine (and have just as much fun as we did.)

My granddaughter and I set out for an afternoon of game time and we found this one to be lots of fun. The three game boards are made very well and artfully designed. Burger Joint had several elements of fun. The colorful cubes and picking them out of the bag was very entertaining to my granddaughter. Scoring your advancement after every turn gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Using your publicity to take a resource from your opponent made the game even more impressive and fun for the whole family.

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