ANGELIC #1 Image Comics

Soar with winged monkeys in Angelic #1 (Image Comics)

Soar with winged monkeys in Angelic #1 (Image Comics)

Written by Bill Coffin

Touted as “WALL-E meets Watership Down,” Angelic is a far-future tale of a world where humanity has long vanished; its civilization ruined by some kind of cataclysm that leaves only remnants of technology and information for the world’s genetically uplifted animals to try to understand.

Our story centers on Qora, a young female member of a tribe of religious, winged monkeys. Rebellious and smart, she grates against the unthinking and manipulative life awaiting her as she reaches adulthood, and decides that perhaps now is the time to wander far from home, taking her chances among the blooms of toxic mist that roll along the coastline of the ruined city where her tribe lives. Qora risks attacks from the cybernetic dolphins and cats that prey upon her kind more for sport than for food, and she soon gets more than she bargained for when she encounters a delegation of manatees, against whom her people have warred relentlessly. Only the manatees come not looking for a fight, but looking to make a deal.

Angelic is an ambitious feat of world-building that creates a deep, cleverly and compelling vision of a post-human world where the shattered legacy of humanity takes on new life in the imaginations of the animals we left behind. Featuring crisp writing by Spurrier and fantastic artwork by Wijngaard, Angelic moves along at a brisk pace, offering great character-building, setting and plot development in a surprisingly short span.

There is more story in this first introductory issue than we might find in three issues of most other comics, and if the opening chapter of Angelic is any indication, we have quite a memorable tale awaiting us. Here’s a comic that clearly is here to tell a story layered with meaning and nuance, rather than to make a splash of style over substance.

Many years ago, when Image Comics first founded, it was to provide an alternative venue for tomorrow’s creators to tell the kinds of stories that required a little courage to publish. Angelic is one such story, most deserving of your support.

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