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Guest Review: Harps Corp Dice Tray

Guest Writer: Bryan Parke

I’ve been searching for a good dice tray for a long time. I’ve tried various boxes, trays, and even researched different methods for making my own and whilst some of the alternatives have been okay, nothing has ever really truly shone as a solution for me. However, whilst browsing the various stalls at the recent MCM Comic Con London I stumbled upon a gem of dice box/tray, and I think it’s so good a product it is worth sharing with my fellow gamers. Yep; after mucking about with cheap and home-made alternatives I dropped my own cold hard cash on this!

The dice tray is produced by Harps Corp, a family business based in England which manufactures a variety of gaming and geek related artefacts, and comes in a draw string bag to protect it:

Dice bag

Dice bag. Photo by Bryan Parke

Opening the bag we find the dice tray. It’s made from really nice patterned hardwood, is sturdy and is well-constructed:

Dice Tray box side view

Dice Tray box side view. Photo by Bryan Parke

Dice tray box top view

Dice tray box top view. Photo by Bryan Parke

The box lid is a flush fit, and takes a little bit of effort to remove. That’s not because it is overly tight, but because it has been fitted with rare earth magnets to ensure the top does not come lose!  I’ve checked the lid fit in both orientations and I’m happy to confirm the magnet polarities are consistent; no need to worry about which way to fit the top.

Flip the lid and we get the next surprise: there is a mini white board fitted! Great for tracking Hit Points, Game Scores and so on.

Whiteboard lid

Whiteboard lid. Photo by Bryan Parke

I was offered a choice of felt colours for the base. I went with the brown as it is a nice complement to the wooden box. This was an easy activity to do at home (the base of the box was provided with double sided tape in place to secure the felt).

As a convention special offer, the dice tray came with a free set of RPG dice. These are decent quality and a nice bonus:

Free RPG dice!

Free RPG dice! Photo by Bryan Parke

The real reason I’ve wanted such a tray is to support my war gaming hobby. I’ve found it convenient to group sets of dice according to the common attack modes my forces use. In the picture below we can see the dice sets for my Warhammer 40,000 Dark Eldar: 3 grey (Dark Lances), 9 red (Disintegration Cannons), 12 Blue (Splinter Cannons). The box has plenty of space for all the dice, and lets me roll and separate out results regardless of my fat fingers!

40k Dice

40k Dice Photo by Bryan Parke

In fact, the tray has enough capacity I’m considering using it to carry my other 40K paraphernalia (objective markers, turn counter, etc.) as well. Overall I’m very pleased; the price tag did make me think twice before making the purchase, but this is a high quality product, and I’m genuinely impressed with it.


More of Bryan Parke’s writing can be found here: https://varchildesvault.blogspot.co.uk/

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