Family Friendly Review: Treasures & Traps

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series reviewing family friendly and party friendly games.

Guest Writer: Rob Johnson
Studio 9 Games
Age: 10+
2-4 Players

Treasures & Traps box art

Treasures & Traps box art © Studio 9

INTRO: Treasures and Traps™ is a complete card game that puts you in the role of the hero. Your quest is to collect three treasures before anyone else. Sounds simple enough, right? Now throw in a two-headed troll, a maze of dangerous doors, and a few cunning thieves. You never know what might happen next. With 100 different cards, each game is a unique journey of wild adventure never to be repeated!

I really am partial to the compact take anywhere travel size of the game. This table top game can be played in whatever place that you can find a flat surface. The box design keeps everything in a nice neat order. The art work really gives you a good idea of how clever and visionary this game can get. The detail of the drawings is just cool.

Getting started on our first round of play seamed simple enough but we really didn’t catch on the how a round ends until we read the rules again for the third time. The fun never stopped but we just kept having to refer to the rules several times to get the hang of it. The frequently asked questions were a big help.

This game was worth checking out and justifiably has a lot of expansion sets

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