Stranger Things 2: A Spoiler Free Review

Guest Writer: Anisa Claire

(Insert wild screaming and chaotic dance moves here) Aaaaah! Stranger Things 2 is FINALLY here. And. It. Is. Awesome! Okay, now that I have that out of my system– on with the ‘spoiler free’ review.

Netflix is known for releasing entire seasons in one shot, which is both awesome and unfortunate all at the same time. Awesome because, heck yeah, you can binge your favorite TV shows… unfortunate because, crud, you can binge watch your favorite TV shows! Hah. Then, when you do binge them, you’re stuck waiting an entire year, less one day, for the next season to come out. Like I said, both awesome and unfortunate all in the same breath.

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For those of you who watched the first season of Stranger Things, hop in your DeLorean and fasten the seatbelt because season two is everything you were waiting for and more. Tall order, right? But it’s true. They managed to up their game, bring more to the table, and now I’m equally as excited to see what Netflix does with Stranger Things 3.

Being the cast mainly consists of teenagers and children, which can be hit or miss with t.v. shows and movies, the kids in Strangers Things bring a lot of depth to their characters. They are consistently funny, adorable, and manage to pull off their serious parts exceptionally well. They make you feel the nostalgia behind not only the 80s, but childhood, in all its glory and awkwardness, too. Which, let’s face it, is pretty impressive for a group of young actors and actresses to do.

We are introduced to a few new characters this season and they all, for the most part, slide in seamlessly. There are a few, however, that had me scratching my head, wondering how, exactly, they progressed the plot. Normally, these ‘filler-type’ characters wouldn’t bother me, but because the cast of Stranger Things is already so rich, I didn’t really see the purpose in adding them. That said, some of the new characters knocked it out of the park, making up for the less-likeable ones.

One episode, in my opinion, really flopped. I thought it as I watched it and then noticed a few other people mentioning the same thing. Had that episode, and the characters in it, tied into the series finale, maybe, it would have made more sense. And really, there’s no reason for them not to have tied it in better because it may have added a new element to the battle against the Upside Down. My only thought now is that they’re using that episode as an introduction to an even larger cast in Stranger Things 3. Still, I felt like we got an extra episode this season only to have it be taken away with plot that didn’t really go anywhere. That’s okay, though, because the rest of the season made up for it.

There is one character, in specific, who totally redeemed himself and went from being a character you love to hate to one that you simply just love. The development of this character started out as a typical 80’s high school jerk and evolved into a person you would look up to and want to, possibly, hang out with.

Monsters in this show are realistic, gory and something straight from a nightmare. The visual interaction between human characters and computer graphic characters is fantastic and the show flawlessly transitions between the world as we know it and what they call the Upside Down. 

Often times, I find the graphics lacking when it comes to shows versus movies. This likely has to do with budget, but for me, anyway, crappy graphics can ruin an otherwise awesome story. It’s hard to look past a scary character that appears to be pasted into a scene, isn’t it? Well, fret not because the visuals in Stranger Things are top notch.

To conclude, this is one series worth watching. If you love Science Fiction, the surreal, and a touch of fantasy, you’ll not be disappointed. It’s fast-paced, full of nostalgia, and a must-see for any Dungeons and Dragons players floating out there in the Internet abyss. If you’re new to this genre, but are curious and looking for a starting point, dive right in. You may just discover something new that you can’t get enough of and Stranger Things is a fun place to begin your voyage.

Until next year, folks…


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