Family Friendly Review: Scattered at Sea

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series reviewing family friendly and party friendly games.

Guest Writer: Rob Johnson

The Game Crafter
Age: 10+
2-4 players

How long can you tread water?

Box art Scattered at Sea

Box art Scattered at Sea © Willow Creek Run Press

Lost at sea on floating debris that could sink at any minute. You are in a race to survive by finding the tools and food you need. But you’re not alone and everyone else is trying to survive too. The clock is ticking and the waves are pushing your chances for survival father and further away!! It is always exciting to tryout a new game by Willow Creek Run Press.

Well my little gaming buddy, McKinna, and I had another great afternoon playing this game for the first time. “Scattered At Sea”. I really love the way the designers took a simple idea and made it fun, entertaining, and a little bit of a challenge. At first look at this game the instructions seem a bit long for what is just a simple card game with a twist. This go anywhere size game make it a great idea to take with you in the camper. The pace of the game even keeps the younger kids interested long enough for everyone to enjoy.

As the game progresses it will challenge your memory to keep track of where things are floating in the sea all around you.  The funniest part of this game for us was when we started to find items that we did not need and we started to throw it back into the water. This sparked our imagination as if we were doing it. The look on McKinna’s face when she found her flotation device was incredibly funny. She was filled with excitement. I would give this game a family fun time game rating of 7 out of 10. It is easy to set up, take anywhere, and plays 2-6 players.

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