Guest Review: The Long Hard Mile-Metamorphosis Alpha

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Guest Writer: Dave Johnson

Solo adventure for 1e Metamorphosis Alpha role-playing game

written by James M. Ward

Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Edition cover

Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Edition cover © Goodman Games

I have to tell you… When I laid my eyes on this adventure for MA 1e, I just had to have it! Note: Anything from James Ward is a treat! This is a game that I have wanted since I was a kid! I remember reading in the Dragon magazine about MA and I was excited. I wanted this game so bad. Then the articles became less and less frequent. So I forgot about the game. Gamma World became the next new thing. I liked GW. But I always wondered about MA. So, fast forward to last year! I found MA from Goodman Games! Now I have this awesome adventure too!

Published by Goodman Games in 2014 this booklet is sixteen pages long and is a brisk read. (I’m not going to give the plot away or ruin the good times that will be had.)

This solo adventure reminds me of my boyhood days reading endless quest books. I love it! The idea that I can adventure in MA without needing to gather other players is a great one. For me, getting other players can be a task.

In this story, the adventurer is supposed to search a mile long section of an area that has changed somehow. The trees are not there anymore.

• What happened?
• Why did this happen?
• What does it mean to the people living in the area?

The adventure begins abruptly with three choices to be made.

• Should I figure out some unknown tech?
• Should I move on?
• Or, go off the well-traveled trail and search a forest?

No dice needed! I choose the forest! At this point, one must pay attention to the numbered responses. Don’t cheat yourself! Only read what you are supposed to.

Cover of The Long Hard Mile

Cover of The Long Hard Mile © Goodman Games

Without spoiling it for you. This scenario is remarkably exciting and can be played through three times. Many creatures will be encountered too. Some are very dangerous and some are helpful. You will be given the opportunity to help others or simply ignore them. You also can adventure to other parts of the ship too. A GM must be made available for this because the adventure seed is just a fork in the road and not apart of the narrative. A great way to expand the story too. Don’t trust everyone you meet in the game. In this solo adventure, your character can bite the dust. You have been warned!

After that, you must gather your friends to play the adventure. They will love it. This narrative can be adapted for any version of MA. So don’t be afraid to buy it.

Let me say something about the art. The cover is keeping with the original art style of MA 1e. It compliments the game. I really liked all of the art. It’s my preference but the more modern art, like the kind you see in 5e D&D, is not my cup-of-tea. My origins in gaming are the blue box Basic D&D and AD&D 1e. So the art I love is kind of primitive. I think it lends to the atmosphere of the game. The mystique if you will.

The story is well thought out and is easy to understand the method to follow in the solo version. I must admit that I really had fun playing this adventure. I recommend it!

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