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20 Ways To Observe The Moon Tonight (Get Your d20 Ready, And See What You’ll Do)

20 Ways To Observe The Moon Tonight (Get Your d20 Ready, And See What You’ll Do)

Saturday October 28 is International Observe The Moon Night.  Hey, that’s today!

Everybody loves the moon, right? Get your favorite d20 ready because it’s time to roll up your random observance idea for tonight. Hurry!

1… Visit a natural body of water (bay, lake, what-have-you.)  Enjoy the rippling reflection upon the water’s surface.

2… See if you can catch a glimpse of the rabbit.

3… Phone the nearest observatory and see what time their viewing hours are tonight.

4… Visit your local ski resort, and enjoy the moonlight upon the freshly fallen snow.

5… Turn off all the lights in the house and see if any moonlight still finds it way in.

6… Visit your local nature preserve and/or wildlife sanctuary and find a nice quiet spot where there’s no natural light around.

7… Enjoy a cruise through the countryside in your pal’s convertible, with the top down.

8… See a movie in a movie theater during the late afternoon, while it’s still sunny out. If you time it just right, you’ll emerge from the theater after the film as nighttime begins. Voila! There’s the moon!

9… Cook up a fresh batch of popcorn and enjoy a viewing of From The Earth To The Moon S12.

10… See what’s new at the NASA website, then saunter out to your backyard and enjoy a peek up towards the night sky.

11… Open a deck of tarot cards. Extract the Moon card from it. Bring the card outside, and allow moonlight to shine upon it for what is likely to be the first time such a moment has ever happened.

12… Eat a Moon Pie and wash it down with a grape Nehi.

13… Enjoy a viewing of a certain Duncan Jones film.

14… Enjoy a listening to that other George Harrison song about the arrival of a celestial body.

15… With next year being the 50th anniversary year of the famous Apollo 8 mission, treat yourself to a glance at the stunning photographs which were taken by that crew.

16… Enjoy a viewing of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, but watch out for that scene in which the Wolfman first appears. Like the film’s trailer says, “It’s Scare-ewy!”

17… Call your friends over, to join you for card games. Play Hearts. Shoot the moon.

18… Create a lycanthrope NPC for your big upcoming tabletop RPG session for Halloween while there still time. You’re having a tabletop RPG session for Halloween, right?

19… Pour yourself a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. Remove all the yellow moons. Save them as a snack for later (but enjoy snacking on them only after you’ve already gone outside and enjoyed a proper look at the moon high above in the night sky.)

20… Roll TWICE on this table.

Remember to let us know what you did tonight, in the Comments section below afterwards. Have fun!


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