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Image comics The Realm #2 sharpens the apocalyptic fantasy sword to razor sharp!

Image Comics The Realm #2 Review

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The Story

The second exciting offering of The Realm picks up right where the first issue left off.  Will Nolan, our lead survivor and all around swell guy, begins to prep his clients for their travels to Kansas City.  If the first issue used art to tell background, this issue dives deep into meaningful dialogue.  Quickly, we learn his clients may be harboring some of their own secrets.  The Beast, a human whose purpose it appears to be to hunt the monstrous humanoids gives us further examples of why he is to be feared.  Eldritch, (Now we learn his name) the obvious antagonist gives us more incites into his vicious plot, and clearly portrays his power comes from vile sources.  The sheer volume of great interactions in this issue really sets the stage for the level it nails humanity.  I see clear lines of influence from writers like Kirkman, which is great!

The Art

The art style is gorgeous, using the same reservation with bright tones we found in the first issue. This is a bleak earth, there is no way to mistake it.  The action is pretty intense and the art does nothing to detract from it.  The biggest charm for me though is the way the artist conveys whole scenes and interactions without a word of dialogue.  It reminds me of the totally silent Snake Eyes issue of G.I.Joe that was at the time revolutionary.  While there is dialogue, the art tells as much story as the dialogue does, which is very satisfying.  Comics are supposed to be a visual medium, and the creators get that.

Is it worth reading?

Much like the first issue I have zero reservation in recommending this title.  There is nothing that a fan of the Walking Dead, The Goon, or other hard-edged titles could not appreciate in this comic.  The story is progressing quickly and despite my own misgivings at ever fully investing in characters (thanks to George RR Martin and Robert Kirkman) I cannot help but care.  The creators of The Realm rope you in and make you care pretty fast even if your guard is up.  So if engaging artwork, dystopian fusion with fantasy elements and outstanding character development are your bag, check out The Realm by Image Comics today at your local comic retailer.

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