Guest Review: The Science Fiction & Fantasy Quiz Book

Guest Writer
: Tim J Myers

Published in 2015, this is a fun little hardcover book by Joseph A. McCullough. It contains four different kinds of questions: multiple-choice, true or false, short answer and match-up. It also separates them into different difficulty levels: easy (for those of us that think we know a lot but really don’t), medium (I probably belong in this section), and hard (maybe someday I will ace these).

When I first opened this little book, I went straight to the hard section. Big mistake, it made me feel like I know nothing! In the medium section I got quite a few of the questions right, but for more than I’d hoped, I really didn’t have a clue. The easy section, while it is labeled easy, is not really that simple. No matter how much you know, you will be surprised when you open this book. Even the easy section trips me up, although I know an awful lot about science fiction and fantasy.

On the back, it mentions books, movies and video games, but you had better know your comic books and television shows as well. Whether you are a nerd/geek and you wear that title proudly or you are in denial about the awkward situations you find yourself in, this book is a true gem.

McCullough pens some fantastic inquiries to stump your friends with. If you’re at a Friday night get together with a handful of nerdy friends or you find yourself put on the spot in a larger gathering and you need to come up with a quandary relating to such topics, this wonderful 192-page cyclopedia of trivia will surely confound those who wish to test their mettle. With 35 easy, 30 medium, and 39 hard questions, you’re not likely to run out of inquiries to befuddle your audience. I thoroughly enjoy having this little jewel grace my considerable library.

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  1. Christopher Bishop
    Christopher Bishop

    Nothing I love better than contests to prove my nerd street cred. Of course my wife claims she dies a little more inside when I win but what ya gonna do. Thanks for the review!

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