The Lord of Decay from Titan Forge is truly evil

Lord of Decay

BEHOLD! The Lord of Decay from Titan Forge.

Lord of Decay is the next demon you NEED

Titan Forge’s Daemonic Kingdom is mainly except a fantasy line, according to their website. However, one miniature, the Lord of Decay, is listed under sci-fi, and with good reason. It not only looks incredibly demonic, but also has elements of hydraulic and steam power. Honestly, it looks like a gnomish Emperor Palpatine rescued a legless, dying demon and gave it legs and life.

The Lord of Decay is a highly detailed resin miniature that comes in seven pieces. I recommend Loctite gel glue for this one, as the body is quite heavy. The base looks like a scene in the pits of the Abyss, with jagged rocks sticking up, a skeletal figure, and 2 smaller demons. Though usually gluing then priming is the route to go before painting, the Lord of Decay sits on the base in an odd fashion. I suggest gluing and priming only the Lord of Decay itself first, then priming and painting the base before mounting.

Lord of Decay

Rear view of the Lord of Decay. Daemonic Kingdoms line by Titan Forge is a fantasy line…except for this one figure.

A Combination of Tech and Horror

With 4 hydraulic legs and 4 exhaust pipes coming from its back, the Lord of Decay is truly a blended monster. It is reminiscent of the steam demon from the classic video game Doom. In Dungeons & Dragons sizing, this is a huge-sized creature, taking up 4×4 – 1″ squares. The scythe even appears to have some hydraulic properties, with hoses on it. Any creative gamemaster can think of a great backstory for the Lord of Decay. The base gives the idea that wherever it may be, it is in the Abyss and a recent victim is beneath it.

Lord of Decay

The Daemonic Kingdom’s Lord of Decay from Titan Forge, with a standard 28mm mini for comparison.

The Lord of Decay is fairly simple to assemble, however, placing it on the base may be difficult, as there is no real set spot for placement. The best placement I found is similar to the one shown on Titan Forge’s website, as it just seems to fit there best. Painting the miniature also proved to be a challenge, as the texture changes sometimes draw paint away from peaks, leaving primer peeking through. It may take a few coats over these spots to cover them.

Bonus Review #1: Anchor Basher

Anchor Basher

Titan Forge’s Bloodsail Island line includes the Anchor Basher. Think ogre underwater with an anchor.

Along with the Lord of Decay, Titan Forge was kind enough to send us two other pieces to check out from other lines. The first here is an Anchor Basher from their Bloodsail Island fantasy line. The Anchor Bashers are the insane ogres of the Bloodsail Island pirates. According to Titan Forge, they join the ranks by jumping into a sunken wreck and killing ten sharks. Their only weapon must be from the ship, so most ogres choose the anchor.

This piece is an interesting piece from an interesting line. The Bloodsail Island line revolves around ogre pirates, and the pieces in the line are both stereotypical and unique for pirates. You have the typical captain and swashbuckling pirates, but also new twists, such as gator cannons and bloodsail cannoneers. The Anchor Basher fits into the latter, a new type of pirate for use in a high-seas adventure.

The Anchor Basher comes in a set of three, and is fairly simple to assemble and paint. The hardest part is painting the coral and barnacles on their gear, for which I recommend a fine tipped brush. Due to the simplicity of this miniature, I recommend this line anyone. Both beginners and experienced builders will find enjoyment from this, as well as hours of use.

Bonus Review #2: Terra Bikes

X-terra Space Force

Titan Forge’s X-terra Space Force line has a style reminiscent of Halo’s Power Armor.

As I mentioned,  Titan Forge sent a few bonus builds for our perusal. This one comes from their sci-fi line, X-Terra Space Forces. The Terra Bikes come in a set of three, and the armor on the riders strongly resemble power armor from the video game Halo. Since they look the part, I decided to go with a “Red vs. Blue” theme on the paint job.

The Terra Bike is another miniature that is fairly easy to construct and paint. I strongly encourage a set of helping hands, however, as the arms of the rider and the bike’s guns are tiny. While the guns are shown to go on one way on Titan Forge’s site, I discovered they can be applied on the opposite side upside down for a smooth fit as well. However, the remaining pieces only go on one way, making this kit easy.

Overall Review of Titan Forge

These kits are fairly simple to assemble, not too tough to paint, and most of all, fun to use in a game. All three have a use at any table. The Lord of Decay screams Big Bad Evil Guy, the Anchor Basher gives a new variation of an ogre, and the Terra Bike gives us a quality sci-fi motorcycle. All three are available at, with the following prices:

Lord of Decay: 35 euros (about $41.50)

Anchor Basher: 35 euros (about $41.50) for three different poses

Terra Bikes: 29 euros (about S34) for three identical bikes

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