V&V Miniatures Amazing Historical Lines Are Highly Detailed

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Historically accurate miniatures for historical wargamers

V&V Miniatures has many excellent lines of historical miniatures for both the historical battle wargamers and the RPG crowd. Made in Ukraine, the resin miniatures require assembly, are in high detail, and are available in two sizes. There is a standard 28mm RPG size and a larger 40mm size for historical reenactment wargaming.

V&V Miniatures makes mostly the larger 40mm miniatures, but have recently expanded into 28mm scale. For those of us that only have miniatures for RPG usage, there are currently three lines. The Normans, the Anglo-Saxons, and the Vikings are the three lines available in this size, with 17 sets between them. Among the 11 lines in 40mm are the Romans, the Celts, and the Hundred Years War.

V&V Miniatures 28mm Scale

V&V Miniatures

V&V Miniatures Anglo-Saxons 2 includes 4 highly detailed resin figures.

The 28 mm figures by V&V Miniatures are highly detailed for their size, so detailed that the chainmail can be tough to fill. The set pictured above, Anglo-Saxons 2, includes 4 figures. A warrior with a banner, an earl, a housecarl, and a priest round out this set.

Some Xacto trimming is necessary, especially on the bottom of the feet, unless mounting with faux grass. Extreme care is advised with trimming this area, as the tabs to trim are hard, but the ankle can be weak. I highly recommend gluing these before priming and painting, as the glue bond will pull primer from the resin in some cases. I personally ran into this issue with Army Painter primer and Loctite, and several issues could be the culprit. Glue-then prime works better after testing both that and prime-then-glue.

The painting process of the V&V Anglo-Saxons was a repetitive process due to detail, not that it’s a bad thing. I recommend a brush with an ultra-fine tip for the high detail possessed by these. Once completed, they can look fantastic and fit multiple purposes, such as NPC’s or PC’s. In this particular kit, the banner and cross are removable. This allows one to switch or rotate them.

V&V Miniatures 40mm Scale

V&V Miniatures

V&V Hundred Years War Medieval Artillery set includes 3 figures and 2 cannons.

The 40mm lines by V&V Miniatures offer more of a selection for figures from throughout history. In this size, only the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings appear from the 28mm, though in different poses. Other selections include: Ancient China, Warriors, Roman Empire, Hundred Years War, Celts, Ancient Egypt, American Conquest, Horses, and Chariots.

The Hundred Years War Medieval Artillery set is of interest. The large cannon adjusts its angle of fire, and could work with 28mm sets. The detail on this set is just as impressive, as one can see the wood grain. This set does require assembly, and the results are similar to the 28mm. This set would be just as amazing in a 28mm scale.

Final Thoughts on V&V Miniatures

V&V Miniatures put a LOT of detail into these lines. Not only can you make out the individual rings in the chainmail, but you can almost make out holes in belts. For anyone who enjoys painting high detail, these sets are ideal for passing time, as these take a lot of patience to paint. V&V Miniatures has historical accuracy down, while keeping the kits easy enough to build.

Both the 28mm Anglo-Saxons 2 and the 40mm Hundred Years War Medieval Artillery are available online. Go to http://vminiatures.com and look through the menu on the left by size. Anglo-Saxons costs 12 euros (about $14), while HYW:MA costs 30 euros (about $35).

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    Allen Hammack

    From the headline I thought this was going to be about Villains & Vigilantes miniatures! 🙂

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    John Enfield

    I love doing miniature wargaming almost as much as I do playing RPGs, so these would be right up my alley. As someone who does medieval reenactments, I really appreciate the high detail and the effort to make the characters accurate to what we now think they looked like historically. It is too bad, though that you have to trim them. I can see how that could be problematic, especially if you accidentally whack off their feet. On assembly of the people, do you have to put the bodies together, or is it just the mini onto the base? I do love that you can remove or rotate the banners and such. That would be a nice touch rather than having to cut up minis that have the banners and other accessories molded into them, then trying to glue them back on in a different way or on a different mini.

    1. Avatar
      Joseph Michael Stash

      You assemble these. The heads, arms, shields, some swords, and the banners are all separate from the torso and legs, as well as the base. Arms can go at multiple angles as can heads.

      The trimming wasn’t too bad…I did have one foot come off, but it came off cleanly and it glued right back on. Like I said though, if you decorate your base with grass, etc., it is not necessary to trim.

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