Dungeon Crawler drops a MASSIVE Kraken Mini!


Kraken, tentalces

The Kraken and it’s tentacles. This “mini” is huge.

Dungeon Crawler’s Kraken and Massive Tentacle miniatures have hit their store, and they aren’t joking about “massive”. This “mini” is definitely one of the largest ever seen on a table. Taking up an area of 8×8 – 1″ squares on it’s own, the kraken dwarfs the largest dragon miniatures out there. Adding in each 2×2 massive tentacle, up to the 10 a kraken has, the kraken will fill a quarter of a playmat.


The Dungeon Crawler Kraken in action against a hopeless party.

Scaled to the standard 28mm fantasy size, this kraken will startle your players when it hits the table. The kraken itself has always been a formidable opponent, but now, even the most sturdy player will stop and think. Actually seeing the actual physical representation of the monster in stunning detail is amazing. The standard 28mm fantasy miniature is dwarfed by the sheer size of this monstrosity.


Dungeon Crawler’s kraken mini, with a standard WizKids medium mini for comparison.

The kraken comes in two forms: unpainted and painted, with the painted version matching the paint jobs of the tentacles. The paint job shown is from their Kickstarter for this, which had a goal of $10,000 and raised over $45,000. With that kind of funding, it is obvious there was a demand for this miniature.

Massive Tentacles!

The Massive Tentacle is one of several tentacle minis that Dungeon Crawler produces, but it is the only one that really matches the kraken in size. It is a versatile mini, as you could use it for the kraken or for, say, a large tentacle worshiped by illithids, a representation of the tentacle spell, or even a manifestation of the dark lord Cthulhu on a physical plane.


The Massive Tentacle miniature is truly massive.

The minis themselves are made from a high-density PVC plastic that is injection molded. There is some flexibility to smaller pieces, but the main body of both the kraken and the massive tentacle are sturdy and durable. The type of plastic easily primes and paints with little work if you choose to go that route. I painted one tentacle, using Army Painter primer and Vallejo paints. While I had to do some mixing to get the right shade of purple to match the tentacle, the paint stuck well and popped off the mini better than most smaller miniature companies. The texture of the miniature stayed visible, and was smooth before and after priming and painting.

The Firbolg Skeleton

Also in the same Kickstarter, and also available in the Dungeon Crawler store, is the Firbolg Skeleton. This is more of a niche item, aimed at old school gamers who use the firbolg skeleton from older adventures regularly. It can also serve the purpose any large-sized armord skeleton. Nicely scaled, it is also available painted and unpainted from Dungeon Crawler’s store.

Firbolg Skeleton

Dungeon Crawler’s Firbolg Skeleton mini fills a need missing from the mini world.

This miniature is where you can really see the flexibility of this type of plastic, as the sword likes to bend if it is stored with force applied to it, such as storing it randomly in a box with other miniatures. Fortunately, it is usually temporary, as you can apply similar, opposing force to fix the issue.

Back to the Kraken…

This is a hefty miniature and has some weight to it. Transporting this to a gaming session or convention is best done by backpack or bag of holding. It won’t fit into a standard miniature carrying case, with the exception of any Pelican case with a modifiable interior. Anyone who purchases this will not be disappointed, but will be shocked by the size when it arrives. Everyone who has seen this in person has a jaw dropping reaction to the size. The massive miniatures can hold a medium and some large-sized miniatures in their grasp.


The kraken comes painted and unpainted, if you are up to the task.

Final Synopsis

Dungeon Crawler hit the nail on the head with this Kickstarter, and the final product looks amazing. The kraken truly is the creature of nightmares. The tentacles have several uses outside of the kraken itself. The firbolg skeleton fills yet another void in the miniature world. All three miniatures are of high quality, and look great with factory paint. If you feel you are up to the daunting task of painting this colossal miniature, the primer and paints pops. Dungeon Crawler is a force to be reckoned with in the miniature world.

All of these products are now available at their store online, found at http://www.dungeoncrawler.com, with prices as follows:

Kraken: $90 painted, $75 unpainted

Massive Tentacles: $12 painted, $9 unpainted each

Firbolg Skeleton: $12 painted, $9 unpainted


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  1. Christopher Bishop
    Christopher Bishop

    Man that kraken looks awesome! Very definition of RELEASE THE KRAKEN. Great mini and great paint job!

  2. Avatar
    John Enfield

    Wow! Very impressive. Could be used to challenge a colossal dragon! I love that the tentacles are separate so that you could have some of them show up first, or position them wherever you want around the base. I love that they sell it painted and unpainted with different prices too. Very thoughtful. I would probably get the unpainted one and paint it myself. I’ve not seen this mini before. Very interesting review.

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