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Film Review: Blade Runner 2049

Written by Russell Reynolds

A cyberpunk, noir thriller with an immersive world that draws you in for a philosophical two-and-a-half hours. BLADE RUNNER 2049 is set up differently from the blockbusters and tentpoles that dominate the charts. Many films stick with a method of telling you the story, as opposed to BLADE RUNNER 2049’s method of letting the story tell itself. It’s quite a feat to faithfully recreate a futuristic world which Ridley Scott brought to life. Being drawn into such a world that’s been around since before I was born was especially unique.

Any young aspiring sci-fi enthusiast would be compelled to find out more about this “new” and awesome world that they’ve been introduced to here.

At the helm are Agent “K” (Ryan Gosling) and the returning Deckard (Harrison Ford.) Wallace Corp is essentially the new Tyrell Corp, led by a CEO named Niander Wallace (Jared Leto,) and they’re looking to expand their workforce any way they can. The trailers give you just enough to enter the theater interested. Ryan Gosling exceeded expectations with his portrayal of a blade runner who’s job is second nature to him – until a new assignment throws him on a ride that is the film itself. Ford returns to the universe more as a new character; more as a changed man than as his detective role in the seminal BLADE RUNNER film from 1982. Leto’s character has very little introduction apart from what we’ve all seen in the YouTube shorts leading up to the film’s release; setting up his character as well as the film’s plot points.

From start to finish, viewers will have entered a world that feels as real and as eerily awesome as Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner film did. The cinematography is stunning and enchanting enough to make the film’s long running time worth it. The iconic sounds of the future mirror that of those from the original film, enhancing this film’s eerie soundtrack.

The writing is such that perhaps it would’ve been easier to understand the film’s plot by having read it as a book, and yet the subtlety of the story and it’s progression is certainly something for the devoted Blade Runner fan. Blade Runner 2049 was a faithful recreation of the world that Phillip K. Dick created. If you’re seeking a cinematic experience that uses Cyberpunk themes to stand out in the sci-fi crowd, this is one worthwhile film.

[Editor’s Note:  The soundtrack is splendid background music for the painting of miniatures.]


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    John Enfield

    I loved almost everything about the first Blade Runner movie, except the last couple of fights which freaked me out in a not very good way. Of course, I was only nine at the time I first saw it and hadn’t seen an horror movies yet, so it was freaky enough. I did, and still do, love the music, sound effects and visuals though, so I’m glad to hear they are intact for this movie. I was worried that they’d ‘reimagined’ it all away like they sometimes do in remakes. Also glad to hear that Gosling is good in this one. I’m not a fan of his work as a rule, but it’s good to hear that he may be watchable in this one. I’m especially glad to see that Ford is back. I was worried after what happened to his Han Solo character in Episode 7 that he’d retired from action movies for good.

    1. John Enfield
      John Enfield

      Update: I’ve finally seen 2049. I know, took me long enough. Saw it in theaters at Sams Town Casino right before they took it off and again later on DVD (got it for the great extra features mentioned on the back of the DVD case). Parts of 2049 really creeped me out and it was hard to watch them. It was weird how there were some disturbing things they really lingered on and others they cut away from quickly or didn’t show, you only heard them. Other than that, I really liked it. I loved that they expanded the world of Blade Runner beyond a rain-drenched city and let you see what much more of it was like. As a long time Vegas resident, it was interesting to see their far-future version of it as a devastated ghost town. I sometimes think that Vegas will become a ghost town much sooner than 2049. 🙂 I like it here, but things about it just don’t seem all that sustainable. Anyway, back to the movie, Ryan did a good job and the supporting cast was impressive as well. I loved Agent K’s character progression through the movie. As cool as the effects were, that was the best part.

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