Guest Review: Cat-astrophic! The crazy cat collecting game Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Guest Minor Reviewer: “G” International Pre-teen of Mystery

Box Art

Here Kitty Kitty Box © Fireside Games

The art is very comical and lighthearted. The art calls on new jokes, and classical ones. With a collection of classics like a cat doing a crane kick, and raining cats and dogs being with a picture of cats falling from the sky, to a more recent cat joke, like internet cat as a mash up of Grumpy cat, I can haz cheeseburger cat, and piano cat. Very good coloring, with great illustrating. Good job guys. Lots of cat color variants, not just black and orange and brown, I’m rather impressed that there wasn’t just the stereotypes in there. Must have been made by cat lovers… Lots of calico, tabby and other fur colors and patterns, though not many different breeds besides domestic short hair in there.

Game pieces were compact and fit nicely in the box. Small cat minifigures, with not much weight, perfect for game play, but easy to knock over, as my cat pointed out later that evening when he was in a bad mood. Good molds on the cat figures, but the eyes could have been painted, I mean (I plan on painting them… :3) I’m sure it would have been easy. The “houses” (Really just some cardboard with house areas on them. Like they had TVs and couches printed..)  were very realistic, in a comic sense. Nothing was really left out. The houses did look like they were prepped for cats. Litter boxes, and cat beds, and cat toys, all printed on the cardboard “Houses”. If I had one problem, it’s don’t play with pets around because my pets for some reason didn’t like the miniature cat figures. I don’t know what the problem was….

Mini cat pieces

Sample of minis included in the game box. image © Fireside Games

Game play was really made for 3-5 players. Not really suitable for just 2 players. Which is what I had to test the game with(me and my mom). I felt that the turns were simple. You played a card or two as actions to lure cats. Or you moved cats from the neighborhood into  your yard, porch, on. I found sneaky ways of getting maybe like four cats into my house.

Age recommended, hmm. I say you should be at least old enough to read like 5-10. People in the tweens will get a lot of the jokes and enjoy it. Though if your five year old wants to play, let them. If you are say an adult, you’ll still like this game. But I suppose you’d have to be a cat lover, not a problem though. You’ll not be playing it most likely if you don’t like cats.

What I thought was that this game was a fun little cat collecting game. Really simple. I enjoyed this game because I love cats, but most people would like this game. It was fun to play because the cat collecting idea was funny and the card art comedic. This game is one I have wanted to play for years. I would play it again, and I would have just as much fun as the first time! You should go and get it!

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  1. Christopher Bishop
    Christopher Bishop

    I think this one might need to be suggested to a few friends of mine. I enjoy when games can be tongue in cheek about something while not being afraid to sort of point the finger at themselves. It sounds like from your review that is exactly what the creators have done with Here, Kitty Kitty. I may have to look into picking this up for our household. Nice Review!

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