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If there’s one thing that DnDice (in Great Britain) does well, it’s innovation in polyhedral design and presentation.  Luckily for us tabletop gaming enthusiasts, DnDice does many things well.

Inspired by metallic dragons and topped off with an electroplated finish, these British beauties were born for battle.  Each metal case containing the dice is lined with a specialty foam denser than most other foams which you’ll find inside dice cases.  Much to the delight of dice collectors everywhere, the two-tone silver-on-black art which adorns the lid of each metal cases is a real nice touch (and notice the differing unique art designs on each lid shown here.)

(Gold) Ancient Dragon Dice


(Silver) Metallic Dragon Dice

We’ve seen their micro dice towers too which, at just under 10 centimeters in height, are just the cutest of all dice towers.  They’re a snap to assemble, lightweight as all get out (with no pesky plastic parts or pieces,) easy to store on one’s game shelf, and ready to be thrust into action at the drop of a die. Made from laser-cut 2mm medium density fibreboard (MDF) and emblazoned with the DnDice logo on either side, no gaming table in the galaxy would be complete without one.  There’s even a well-placed groove that’s been cut into the base of it, allowing for the top of the metal storage case to also be used as the tray which catches dice as they rumble down from out the dice tower.

Micro DnDice Tower (some assembly required)

Micro DnDice Tower (assembled!)

Accompanying each set of the DnDice is a double-sided business card, and yet these are no ordinary business cards, as you’ll soon see…

…on the backs of each business card is a map which can be used at a moment’s notice, whenever the mood for tabletop RPG adventuring strikes.  Each map is numbered in the spirit of “ya gotta catch ’em all” and they can easily be connected next to eachother if one map isn’t enough.  Besides, when is just one map ever enough?

Map 9 of 10


Map 5 of 10

As a bonus, a short printed adventure called “Gnolls Galore!” was included in the parcel for us to have also look at.  Created for 5E, and intended for characters at lower levels of experience, the adventure is easily adaptable to any edition of D&D (or any other game system, for that matter.)  “Gnolls Galore!” includes such pulse-pounding moments as “a strange creature is hunched over, rummaging through the wreckage” and “the trail of blood leads deeper into the forest.” Whilst not exactly breaking any new ground, “Gnolls Galore!” is still a thrill and hardly what anyone would dare refer to as an adventure for the timid.  Maps were provided to accompany “Gnolls Galore!”, of course, and the maps themselves are quite serviceable as you’ll see in one of the following photos.

DnDice scores high marks for affordability, durability, ingenuity, and attention-to-detail.  They even manufacture a set of 24k gold-plated dice (which can be seen at their website.)  Highly recommended for gamers of all stripes, ages 12 and up.

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