Reviews You Can Use: Artisan Dice

Hats off to Artisan Dice for letting us have a look at their Aeneus dice and their Mpingo (African Blackwood) dice.  Now in their fifth year of creating handcrafted dice for the discerning gamer, Artisan Dice continues to impress, as you’ll see from the photos included here.

Here we have a wooden dice set that’s been created from Mpingo (more commonly known as African Blackwood.)  Notice the pearl white infill. Pearl white infill isn’t typically used when manufacturing wooden dice (because the infill can give the dice a speckled appearance if the wood has large pores.) It certainly seems to have worked out quite well with the Mpingo wood though.

Mpingo dice are durable and great for all sorts of tabletop gameplay; weighing no more than one would expect wooden dice to weigh.  A fine addition to any dice collection.


Here we have another set of dice called Aeneus, again with pearl white infill. The dice are made from a new spage age polymer material in their Second Wind dice series, not yet appearing at their website. Aeneus dice contain polyester in the material. When dropped onto a hard surface, Aeneus dice have a tendency to skip around more than most other dice will, because their points are naturally deformed from the dicecrafting process.

More of their Second Wind dice can be seen under the Alchemist’s Dice tab at their website, where all their dice made from other man-made materials can be found.

Easy on the eyes and lots of fun to roll, the Aeneus dice are among the finest dice that we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a bunch.) Highly recommended for players and collectors alike.




Which do you prefer?  Mpingo?  Aeneus?  Let us know in the Comments section below.

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