TSR Games Re-Releases “The Hunt” in Partnership with Maverick Games

“The Hunt”, a dark future skirmish game where law enforcement agencies send media star “Hunters” to enter an arena of death and execute high-profile criminals. “The Hunt” was played to audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 90s with competitions and elimination rounds at some of the bigger conventions in northern California. The mayhem returns in the Nationwide Hunt League coming to select conventions run by TSR Games.

This is made possible by TSR Games partnership with Maverick Games and its founder and president Leo Normington Jr. to put their flagship game, “The Hunt” back into retail circulation.

“The Hunt” is an excellent pick up for any role-player interested in a “Running Man” like scenario. Those familiar will remember the film’s dark take on television, violence and entertainment. “The Hunt” is playable as a standalone game. It really shines as a rules light one-shot RPG. Perfect for 2-6 players to complete a game in an afternoon. Copies of the game are available now in the TSR Games store.

Purchase “The Hunt” available now from TSR and Maverick Games.

“The Hunt” comes shrink wrapped and packaged with the expansion “Overtime.” There are a limited number of these first edition prints. They are collector’s items that you are sure to treasure.

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What games would you like to see re-released?

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