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Top Games I Want to Play on Tabletop Day

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This coming Saturday is International Tabletop Day. I’d like to pretend that I was well prepared for this, but it turns out that everything I’ll be doing that day is accidentally coinciding with the date. That’s not to say I’m not pleased with the outcome of having planned some significant events on the day.

First things first though: The most important thing for me is starting a Dungeons & Dragons campaign with my daughter. She’s eleven and while she’s run Star Wars RPG games this is her first time as a full Dungeon Master, something she’s wanted to do for ages. She’ll be running the 5e conversion of the White Plume Mountain module.

Boss Monster box © Brotherwise Games

Boss Monster box © Brotherwise Games

That said, other things I’d like to play in honor of the day, but mostly likely won’t have the time for them all:

  1. Boss Monster – I actually like being the villain and the little jokes on the cards amuse me. Brotherwise Games
  2. Rock Paper Wizard – I haven’t actually tried this one, yet, but I want to! Wizards of the Coast
  3. Almost Got ‘Im the Card Game – Another I’ve played, but haven’t had a chance to, yet. Cryptozoic
  4. Star Wars Rebellion – I’ve seen a lot of people playing Imperial Assault and they’ve said it was fun, but this is the one that catches my eye. Fantasy Flight
    Star Wars Rebellion box © Fantasy Flight Games

    Star Wars Rebellion box © Fantasy Flight Games


  5. Red Dragon Inn – I have some friends who love this game, I just need to clone myself so that I can play it some day. SlugFest Games

Of course, none of these are games I currently own. I do have plenty of games that I do own that would do International Tabletop Day justice, but there’s always that other game just out there that’s new and might be my new discovery.


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    Timothy Connolly

    I eagerly anticipate my chance to play a PC in upcoming S&W Light tabletop sessions at our FLGS on Long Island.

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    John Enfield

    As a huge Star Wars geek, I’m so tempted to get the Star Wars Rebellion game. However, the price tag is performing a force choke on my budget and I can’t manage to break through yet.

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