Bloodshot #0 cover © 2017 Valiant Comics

Guest Review: Bloodshot Reborn #0

Guest Writer: Christopher Bishop

Jeff Lemire -Writer
Renato Guedes -Artist
Andrew Dalhouse -Colors

Bloodshot, the consummate killing machine powered by nanites, small microscopic robots constantly repairing damage, enhancing abilities and propelling him forward.  No amount of nanites however can repair his often tortured soul and fractured mind, his past a lie crafted by project rising spirit to further enforce him as the ultimate killing machine.

Panel detail from Bloodshot #0 © 2017 Valiant Comics

Panel detail from Bloodshot #0 © 2017 Valiant Comics

In Bloodshot Reborn we find Ray Garrison finally free of the shackles of Rising Spirit and starting his life with his love Magic in New York City.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well if you know Bloodshot’s checkered past you know the obvious answer is PLENTY!  The story opens up after the aftermath of Project Rising Spirit being taken down and the world wide panic created by the virus that is believed to have been released by them.  Previous operatives are being debriefed and told they will be allowed to live a normal life, to include Ray Garrison.

The artwork is second to none, with beautiful panel by panel illustrations that immediately breathes life into the dialogue.  Valiant has always had high production values in its artwork, and since the reboot of Valiant in 2012 everything has been top notch.  The visuals are particularly good about conveying the emotional content of this issue.  There is a lot at play here as people formerly without a life and ambition are suddenly thrust into having choices and freedoms previously not thought possible.  It takes a keen art mind to make a pale white, red eyed devoid of pupils face convey empathy and emotion but Renato Guedes does it with gusto and the color work of Andrew Dalhouse really seals the deal.

In a comic known for hard lessons and harder choices this offering is full of hope and inspiration for a future that could be.  It feels like a fitting conclusion and yet an interesting start to a new story arc, which is often hard to achieve in the same issue.  Valiant once again finds a way to take the unbelievable, humanize it and invest you in a few short pages.  Well worth the price of admission!

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