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Guest Review: Khaal, The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor

Guest Writer: Tim Myers

Stephane Louis – writer
Valentine Sécher -artist

From the acclaimed graphic novel and comic publishers, Titan Comics, comes the action-packed third installation of Khaal, The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor, written by Stephane Louis and illustrated by Valentin Sécher. An original work, Louis brings to mind The Chronicles of Riddick, although they are distinctly different. Khaal, the main protagonist, leads his army across the galaxy in an endless search for his promised land. He is one of three brothers who jointly rule over their prison/home. The world-ship that was among his first conquests and the three races who inhabit it serve as his first true followers; together they form the center of his empire. While all three brothers radiate extraordinary abilities, Shyl and Dhalym are unable to bring their magic to bear without Khaal to focus their energy. Emboldened by the knowledge that he alone is able to wield the power of their combined might, he undertakes a quest to eliminate any who oppose him. In Khaal’s quest for dominion over all, he directs the world-ship on its course in his endless quest to reach his promised land, until at last his brothers rebel against him.

Detail of variant cover E by Steve Kurth © 2017 Titan Comics

Detail of variant cover E by Steve Kurth © 2017 Titan Comics

Since before his initial conquest of the world-ship, Khaal’s brothers had stayed by his side, lending him their combined power, as he crusaded in search of his promised land, his “My World.” Now, Shyl and Dhalym, who incorrectly believe by abandoning him they can impede his incessant march across the galaxy, leave Khaal to his own devices. This plan proves to be futile, as he leads to use the combined might of his conquered armies to destroy anyone and anything that stands in his way.

This issue mainly explains Khaal’s might when linked with his brothers, providing highlights from the backstory and explaining his superiority while bringing attention to his brothers’ attempts to slow his momentum. Sécher brings life to the panels depicting scenes from his harem, along with the language and violence with which he perpetrates every action to validate the “M” rating issued by Titan Comics. He and Louis bring Khaal’s insatiable sexual appetite to bear in this third installment of the series. Sécher artfully demonstrates his violence and the brutality of his army with more than a few extensive battle scenes.

Khaal, The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor #3 continues the series with intense battle scenes and sexually explicit panels for the more mature reader. Overall, this action-packed comic earns a 7/10 for a rating.

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    John Enfield

    Interesting. I read and reviewed the 4th issue recently. I’d not seen the previous three issues, so it was like watching Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time. I had only a scant idea of who these characters were and what was going on. Apparently, issue 3 explains things a bit better than the ‘opening crawl’ – like blurb at the beginning of issue 4 does. I agree with Mr. Myers that this series deserves it’s ‘M’ rating as the carnage and debauchery continue in issue 4.

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