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Dog Might Games was kind enough to let us see a Dragon Sheath. Scoring high marks for design and durability, this handy carrying case measures 8.5 inches in length, 2.25 inches in width and 2 inches in height. Much to our delight, inside of it’s mastercrafted shell we see room enough for a full set of polyhedrals, a minifig, tokens, counters, notes, lucky coins and more. Choosing what to fill it with is half the fun.

Is it heavy? That’s a good question. A Dragon Sheath weighs no more than an Android smartphone does (whilst being a far sight sturdier than an Android smartphone is.) That’s good news for tabletop gaming enthusiasts. Still, far be it from us to recommend that anyone go and knock their Dragon Sheath around. For best results, keep it stored in bubble wrap (when it’s been safely put away between game sessions.)

The rugged texture of it’s wood gives it an almost weatherbeaten quality. The hypnotic grains which cascade along the exterior are a nice touch. It’s plain to see the efforts that went into its craftsmanship.

The interior magnetized corners are a Dragon Sheath’s secret weapon. Not too big and not too small; just the right size of magnetized metal to ensure that whatever perils the players might endure at the game table, the integrity of a Dragon Sheath’s contents shan’t be compromised. Highly recommended for tabletop RPGers of ages 10+.

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    John Enfield

    It looks like the cover sits flush on the bottom of the box making me wonder if it would pop loose when the lid were to be accidentally hit. How strong are the magnets? Can you hold the box by the lid without the bottom falling off? It does look neat though. An upgrade in the looks department from the small fishing tackle box I usually use.

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