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Guest Review: Doctor Who, Invasion of the Mindmorphs

Guest Writer: James Boney


Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Two carries on with issue 15. This issue, Invasion of the Mindmorphs, is a continuation of the story began in issue 14, sees The Twelfth Doctor introducing a comic series artist and writer to the wonders of the universe. Van and Sonny been creating a comic book based on the urban legend of the Doctor, here called the Time Surgeon, and have made the real Doctor indignant, so he decides to show them what being a time traveler is really all about.

Alternate Cover C @ 2017 Titan Comics

Alternate Cover C @ 2017 Titan Comics

Their adventures land them on the planet Varma, supposedly a peaceful place where the greatest minds of the universe get together and think things out for everyone. However, the dreaded Mindmorphs, upset because they were denied a seat in the Varma council, decide to invade and enslave all minds on the planet. Enter the Doctor and his new companions who assist the Varma underground resistance by using their imagination… something the Mindmorphs lack.

This issue has a gorgeous cover painting of the Doctor and Clara done by Claudia Ianniciello, and the interior work comes from the hands of Rachael Stott and Rod Fernandes.  The story was written by Robbie Morrison.

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