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Mad’s Bags in Citrus Heights CA was kind enough to share a few of their handmade dice bags with us.  There’s a lot to love about these little beauties. Crafted from durable specialty fabrics, they feel fantastic when held, especially when filled to two-thirds capacity with lucky polyhedrals.

The stitchwork is aces and the pullstraps are adorned with an eye-catching sort of plastic appearing to be a patina-finished metal that could be bronze.  When these dice bags catch the light just right, our hearts melt.

The largest of the batch we saw was handcrafted in a reptilian style.  Could it be boa constrictor skin?  Could it be flattened Komodo dragon skin?  You decide.  Great for holding a pound of dice or more.

The black dice bag has a dark velvety feel it, rich in texture and easy on the eyes.

And speaking of green, there’s our favorite of the bunch, the green dragon scales dice bag, shimmering and silky smooth.

Highly recommended for fun-loving dice rollers of all ages.



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    Christines Healing Journey

    These bags are absolutely amazing. I love the colors and the durability
    of mine!~

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