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Shapeways: The Review

Advancements in 3D printing have thrust 3D printers forward into the limelight (and the tabletop RPG hobby is the richer for it.)   Technology that didn’t exist when tabletop RPGing emerged as a phenomenon during the Carter administration is finally here; enabling us to now further create what we can visualize in our minds, in a new way, not unlike what the potter’s wheel did for mankind’s earliest civilizations.  This new frontier promises to be an exciting one to watch in the years to come.

Shapeways shared some of their newer 3D printed materials with us. What we saw was impressive.

Gear dice for steampunk enthusiasts. Skeleton warriors for fantasy aficionados. Futuristic soldiers for sci-fi settings and skirmish tactical connoisseurs. Botanical dice for happy hobbyists of all stripes.

Gears Delirium I

These d6 beauties are both ingenious and sturdy. 3D printed in polished bronze, they certainly stand out from the crowd of mundane six-siders that we often see at the gaming tables. Designed by Alea Iacta Est, these dice are perfect for steampunk situations. They’re great icebreakers at parties too. It holds its own as one of the more impressive 3D printing concepts that we’ve seen.

Skeletons fantasy miniatures set

Everyone loves skeleton warriors, especially in fantasy medieval tabletop rpg situations. If 28mm is your preferred scale, these skellies fit the bill for undead dwarves, gnomes, or halflings. Designed by Small Ox Miniatures, and 3D printed in black hi-def acrylate, the quality of the 3D printing is sure to put a smile on the face of any gamer.  A fine addition to any collection of minifigs.

Future Soldier

The level of detail that went in to the making of the 3D printed Future Soldier makes this a surefire winner for your upcoming sci-fi tabletop rpg adventure sessions. Designed by Land, Air & Sea, and 3D printed in frosted ultra-detail, there’s a lot to like about these brave lads.

Botanical Dice Set

Among the best dice that we’ve ever seen, the 3D printed Botanical Dice set scores high marks for both detail and ingenuity. Designed by Wombat, and 3D printed in stainless steel infused with bronze, these dice have marvelous texture and durability. Prime them and paint them if you like, or use them as is, you can’t lose either way. Whatever you do, don’t just let these beauties sit on a shelf somewhere. They absolutely ache to be shown off. As our playtesters at the Legendary Realms hobby shop on Long Island can attest, the Botanical Dice set from Shapeways really takes the phrase “impress your friends” to a whole new level.

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