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Book Retort: Draw Blood

Written by Doug Poniarski

What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse? What would you do if you were staring at a kid werewolf? Want the answers? Read Draw Blood – A Horror Anthology and find out! Draw Blood – A Horror Anthology is 6 mini-stories packed into 28 pages of scary, bizarre and dreary stories. This collection of stories is satirical and edgy in a way only fun horror stories can be. The chills in this collection come in forms (including zombies and werewolves.) As such, it is sure to satiate your appetite for scares.

Be ready for dark depictions of everyday situations in a dystopian end-of-world scenario. Be ready for a terminally-ill patient in the middle of a zombie apocalypse; a frightening thought but this grim outlook through that man’s eyes paints a whole different picture of the end of days. Another is the story of a conscious zombie! What a scary notion, being conscious as a roaming walker of the undead persuasion.

As fans of horror we want to be scared. Not scared in a jump-out-of-your-seat kind of way that most horror movies nowadays make us do, but ways that stories can really challenge us into thinking about what they are showing us. Thinking of what we would do in that situation. It’s like piling up nightmares in your head that you know wouldn’t happen, but you don’t know what you’d do if it did! Draw Blood – A Horror Anthology does a great job of challenging its readers into wondering what it would be like to live these scenarios. The satirical and edgy horror-comedy deeply embedded in these 6 stories really make the reader think. What would you do?

If you love horror and satire this is a collection worth reading. These short stories are a step into the eerie and grotesque. Any horror fan needs this as an addition to their collections, hands down. As a first volume, this anthology is a wonderful collection of the fear-inducing variety. It’ll open the door to unforeseen anxieties.

Highly recommended and looking forward to a Volume 2.

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