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FMNH PR2081 The Tyrant Dungeon Master

The history of Sue the T. Rex at Chicago’s Field Museum is a roller coaster of up and downs and that’s just regarding her fossil and not including her danger fraught life that resulted in death at a young age. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that she would understand what makes a good story and the eternal battle of good vs evil and all the gray area inbetween in order to be a good Dungeon Master.

Yes, a Dungeonmaster. The Field Museum has a Twitter account devoted to their famous dinosaur. It’s always been funny as Sue has a good sense of humor and an obsession with Jeff Goldblum. However, the account as reached new levels of geekiness as the largest Tyrannosaur skeleton in the US (there are bigger ones in Canada) has started posting about the Dungeons & Dragons game she is running with the character of a hadrosaur “dino-sorceror”. Any mistakes that Sue makes, she reminds people that she is a first time DM. However, she will often justify her decisions based on a unique knowledge set not available to most modern human DMs. She can assign a hadrosaur’s Armor Class based on her experience of having bit a number of them.

Sue T. Rex Criticial Fail Roll

Sue T. Rex Criticial Fail Roll. Field Museum of Natural History photo 2017

Like the Arby’s Facebook account, the person who runs Sue’s Twitter is clever and up-to-date in many aspects of what is considered to be geeky culture. Sue will often weave in references to Pokemon while also dropping facts about Paleontology and what goes into running a museum. And again, there is always Jeff Goldblum and his Chaos Theory mathematician Ian Malcolm.

As of this writing, Sue’s account and Twitter itself may run a bit slow or give errors due to the sudden number of people tuning in to see what she’ll say next. So be patient when going to read up on what she posts. It’s well worth it.

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