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Star Trek : The Original Series – Memories Written in Stars

Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) was a staple of my childhood. Huddled in front of the television my family would watch episodes lovingly taped by my father on VHS. We had the complete series at our fingertips. The show left a deep impression on me.

As a child, my favorite game was playing space explorer. I would pretend a tree in the middle of our front yard was a spaceship. I drew buttons, dials and control panels on pieces of paper which I taped them to the trunk of the tree. I would enter coordinates and blast off! When I landed, I would take readings on the planet surface. A boy in my neighborhood would get on his bicycle and chase me around as an alien encounter.

Remembering a Father

There are many more stories of my life connected with Star Trek: TOS. At the heart of each of them is the spirit of my father. He passed away in July 2016 of a sudden heart attack. It was so quick there was nothing we could do. Even now, it feels surreal. I still have dreams that my dad will come home to me alive and well.

Although he is gone, our relationship continues to mature. I am learning about new sides of his personality from friends and loved ones. I hear his voice in quiet moments when I feel vulnerable or fearful of the future. I have a strong desire to talk with my father again and connect over the love of Star Trek we share.

Reviewing Star Trek: The Original Series

That is the origin of this new blog series. I feel the best way to honor my father’s memory is to share the show which shaped us both. I want to introduce younger viewers to Star Trek: TOS. I hope that my reminiscing will hold the attention of other Star Trek fans.

I’ll be watching Fridays at 8:30 pm PST from Netflix. If you would like to join me, we’ll live Tweet the episode from the @TSRGames account with the hashtag #StarTrekMWS. Reviews will be posted on the following Monday.

Re-Visit this page to see the blog series at a glance. We’ll be watching in the order they originally aired.

Season One

The Man Trap (March 10, 2017)
Charlie X (March 24, 2017)
Where No Man Has Gone Before (March 31, 2017)

Season Two

Season Three

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  • The Man Trap

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