Ambient Music Cheesy Nirvosa

Ambient Music To Help Geeks Get Their Beauty Sleep

If you’re among the thousands of gaming geeks who has difficulty with relaxing or falling asleep after another wild day (or night, or day and night,) you may wish to consider this.

Thanks to Cheesy Nirvosa, we’ve now got 42 hours of ambient music from BLADE RUNNER, ALIEN, STAR TREK TNG, and DOCTOR WHO helping geeks everywhere to enjoy a restful sleep.

As a bonus, there’s even 12 hours of ambient Death Star noise from STAR WARS at your fingertips now (Grand Moff Tarkin not included.)  There’s plenty more what that came from at Cheesy Nirvosa’s YouTube channel, so go ahead and knock yourself out (literally.)

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    John Enfield

    Interesting. I’ll check it out. That’s a funny, yet a bit disturbing picture of Tarkin looking like he’s replaced the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial.

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