Book Retort: Quantum Teens Are Go #1

Written by Eric Bloat

Quantum Teens Are Go is a comic that centers itself around a teenage couple, Sumesh and Natalie, who spend their nights breaking into technology companies, kicking robot security guard ass and stealing expensive tech. They spend their days drudging through the Hell that is high school and dealing with the judgmental annoyances who are their classmates.  After school, they rummage through their stolen goods from the nights before while trying try to assemble an interdimensional, time-traveling machine.  This story is set in a near-future Los Angeles, where technology has advanced but day-to-day life remains much the same.

Not your traditional teen couple, Sumesh is a technologically gifted young man of color, who lost his parents and now lives with his parents’ best friends and their teenage son, while Natalie is a young punk rock trans in mid-transition from Brandon to Natalie; still finding difficulty with her own parents and their acceptance of her.  Together as a couple their troubles compound. They have a hard time with schoolmates and society accepting them as a queer couple.

Sumesh and Natalie have big plans to join the top techno-junkie gang (Odyssey.)  Membership to this gang would grant them protection, access to the best tech in town, and guidance with their interdimensional time traveling machine.  However, after making the trek to Inglewood and discovering Odyssey’s top-secret-ish headquarters, they are rejected by the gang’s leader (Zero.)  The pair then find themselves in cahoots with Wayne Stafford, an ex-Odyssey member, who may or may not have their best interests in mind.

Published by Black Mask Studios, Quantum Teens Are Go is written by Magdalene Visaggio of the hit comic Kim & Kim fame and is drawn by Eryk Donovan of Constantine:  The Hellblazer credits.  Quantum Teens Are Go is a fast a fun ride with lovable characters, punchy dialogue, an engaging storyline and top tier art.  Get your copy today.

Quantum Teens Are Go is rate M for Mature.

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Eric Bloat

Eric resides in Louisville, KY with his wife Jaime and their two teenagers Chaz and Kristen.  Owner of Bloat Games, a small independent game publishing company and author of SURVIVE THIS!! Zombies!, in his free time he posts videos on his Youtube account, Eric from Bloat Games, where he rambles on about his love of roleplaying games and all things nerdy.   Feel free to check out his blog.

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