Book Retort: Legend: Hell’s Executioner

Written by Doug Poniarski

What do you get when you cross John Wick and Constantine? A Keanu Reeves masterpiece? No, you get Legend: Hell’s Executioner. This one-shot is an interesting slant on the depths of Hell. Jakob Legend is a Hunter for the big man. No, not God but Satan himself. He does all the dirty work that the Lord of Darkness cannot bother to do himself.

In this first issue, we meet Jakob Legend and see Hell through his eyes. We also get a glimpse at an Archangel and the pearly gates of Heaven. This is a joyride through both the biblical and the criminal. When we first meet Jakob, it’s during a mini-montage as we see him growing up, getting his butt kicked from childhood to his adult life. He’s a tough and stubborn man. This gets him killed and put into the service of Mephistopheles.

After we reach the top of this rollercoaster, it’s all G-forces, dips and turns afterwards. Venturing into the depths of the abyss the coaster takes you to see the other hunters of Hades. Readers will even meet The Unclean One himself. The politics of hell are under fire and The Dark Lord requires his servants to fix things. This will be sure to heat things up a notch or two in the Inferno.

Despite all the fun and antics in this comic there needs to be a little more of the why. Why is Hell structured the way it is? Why does Satan not have full control of the Realm? The future of this comic series hopefully will answer these questions. The premise of this book is amazing and imaginative. The thought of Hell being a political nightmare and a hunting group that’s a who’s who of historical characters (Not spoiling them, but you’re in for a surprise) that are a badass, evil, Seal Team 6, makes this series one that is not worth missing.

Legend: Hell’s Executioner was a great book and a great addition to any adult collector craving some hellish flair in their collection. Looking forward to more Jakob Legend tales.

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