Book cover of Nerdy Nummies Cookbook

Nerdy Nummies-A Real Serious Cookbook

There have been a number of cookbooks that use geek/nerd culture as their gimmick. Including official Star Wars books. What caught my attention with Rosanna Pansino’s The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is before the book even gets into the recipes. She writes how she’s a visual learner and has therefore arranged the book to be easier for visual learners. If you find you are also more of a visual learner when it comes to cooking (car repair, sewing, etc.) you will like the way this book is laid out and the steps broken down to include more photos.

For those who are not experienced with baking or some of the advanced concepts in it, this book is great. It acknowledges that and doesn’t assume you know much more than how to follow the directions on a cake box mix. Therefore it has some very solid and useful information in the “Tips & Techniques” section. Everything from how to assemble and fill a decorating bag to a section devoted to basic cake recipes that can be tried before attempting any of the geekier variants further on.

Just because all this information is provided doesn’t guarantee success, especially with the highly decorated projects. It will take practice before a decent version of say, a game controller cookie, will come out looking like the picture. The book covers this with the phrase “mistakes are delicious” and makes no attempt to disguise the knowledge that the images are the successes. This is great for anyone who is unsure of cooking or baking altogether.

A bonus to the book is that Rosanna Pansino got her start making Youtube videos of her baking projects. This book has several new projects that haven’t been covered in her Youtube videos, yet the Youtube videos can be used as a visual supplement to many of the projects in this book. Several of which have been featured from time to time on the TSR Games Facebook page. Many of her videos have guest stars from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Cookie Monster. Check this video out below!


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    John Enfield

    I like to do a bit of cooking sometimes. I’ve often wondered how people make those decorated deserts that actually look like something else. I’ll have to check the book and her videos out. Nice review!

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